The Tempest

Directed by Jaimi Houston & Ryan Hamilton

Monday 20 April – Friday 1 May

Be not afeard, this island is full of noises. Ariel has been here since time immemorial, Caliban was born here to a banished mother, and Miranda was two when she was brought here by her own banished father – Prospero.

Prospero. A powerful sorcerer or a weak man who holds the chains that hang around Ariel, Caliban, and Miranda? After all, good wombs have borne bad sons. When Prospero’s past washes ashore, our trio must reckon with whose island this is, who stays, who goes, and how we live with the thing of darkness we acknowledge as our own.

History was written by the victors & it’s time for a re-write, with some live music too. From the team that created Macbeth at Monash MPavilion in 2019, this intersectional adaptation of The Tempest gives a voice to those Shakespeare, and history, ignored.

The Tempest: a tale of our brave new world.

About the artists

Jaimi Houston is a Melbourne based theatre maker, much to her utter chagrin. She doesn’t like theatre all that much as a medium (she’s a big ol’ film buff) but reckons it’ll do for the present. Last year she co-directed Macbeth at MPavilion, and you may recognise her from other such appearances as: the stage manager who walked across the stage at the beginning of Holloway: A New Musical (2018), the stage manager who moved Lucy’s bed that one time in Climbers (2019), audio describer understudy in Macbeth at MPavilion (2019), and that photographer Joe Fisher accidentally threw a ball at during his juggling routine at MUST Cabfest (2019). Jaimi’s an avid lover of history, studies archaeology, and is currently writing a short film (unrelated to both). She is super pumped for her second collab with Shakespeare and Ryan Hamilton and can’t wait to tear The Tempest to shreds.

Ryan Hamilton was born on Gadigal country, raised on Coast Salish & Yugambeh country, and works on Wurundjeri country. He is a theatre-maker and producer interested in embedding collaboration & diversity into his practice while creating accessible theatrical spaces & performances which can unite and connect individuals across barriers like language, politics, and class. When he’s not in the midst of a prod week, he enjoys reading about urban planning and transit systems around the world. Past production and marketing credits include The Commonwealth of Kekistan (The Butterfly Club, 2020), Slaughterhouse Five (Theatre Works, 2019), & R&J (Monash Shakespeare Company, 2019). In his little free time he is also a marketing intern at Theatre Works, St Kilda. Previously at MPavilion, he co-directed and produced Macbeth (2019) with fellow student, Jaimi Houston. He is keen to once again tackle Shakespeare in 2020 with The Tempest, once again co-created with Jaimi.