You Won't Know Until You Know

Nnenna Okore

Tuesday 31 March – Friday 17 April

You Won’t Know Until You Know is an exploration of waste and the alternatives to throwing things in the bin. Created by Australian-Nigerian artist Nnenna Okore, You Won’t Know Until You Know comprises of sculptural objects and photographic representations which viewers will be invited to touch, interact and physically engage with. Okore invites the public to contemplate the issue of waste by experiencing representations of bio-art – objects created from bioplastics derived from food waste. You Won’t Know Until You Know reminds viewers that, before they can act to protect the environment, they must realise how their own actions negatively impact the planet.

About the artist

Nnenna Okore was born in Australia and raised in Nigeria. In her long career as an artist, researcher, and teacher, she explored art processed that are linked to sustainable practices and environmental awareness. As a Chicago art practitioner, she has been involved in numerous exhibitions designed to raise awareness and create dialogue surrounding environmental issues. In her most recent art projects, Okore has use bioplastics and environmentally friendly materials from food waste to create new works. She is passionate about bringing people together to discuss environmental issues and is currently involved in collaborative projects across Australia.