All our campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws (Road Safety Act and Victorian Road Rules) and the Monash University Parking Rules, so please obey the road rules and signs.

Read the sign, avoid a fine

To avoid a parking fine:

  • obey the signs where you park
  • check the time limits on metered spaces
  • display your parking ticket or permit clearly
  • only park in a permit zone that matches your permit type
  • only park motorcycles in motorcycle zones
  • don't park in spaces for the disabled without a disability permit.
  • don't copy, modify or falsify a parking ticket or permit
  • don’t park in loading zones unless you are entitled to do so, and then only for the prescribed period of time
  • if you drive to campus in different vehicles, put your permit in a clear plastic cover for switching between vehicles – you can get permit pouches from Monash Connect.

How to Pay

You can pay your parking infringement notice

  • Online
  • Phone: 03 9058 6633
  • Post to: GPO Box 425 Melbourne, 3001

If you get a fine, you can't pay it on campus.


If you wish to apply to have the decision to serve the infringement notice internally reviewed by Monash University and/or the authorised agent of Monash University you or a person acting on your behalf may do so by applying to the contact points or email traffic_inquiries@tenixsolutions.complease supply reply postal address.

All appeals need to be in writing as per legislation only one application tor internal review will be considered. Please address all correspondence to

Monash University 
GPO Box 425 
Melbourne VIC 3001