Reactivation of our Australian campuses

1 June 2020

Dear student,

This email contains information about some important changes to happen as we slowly reactivate our campuses. In the last couple of weeks more research students have been able to restart their work, and final-year students who need practicals, laboratory, studio or clinical, have been able to return to campus.

We continue to follow all relevant Victorian Government health and safety guidelines; much of the detail is below and on our dedicated transitioning back to campus website, which is being updated regularly.

The reactivation of the campuses will be slow and include:

  • teaching continuing in a mix of face-to-face and online across the semesters;
  • schedules for most students that put face-to-face on a week-on, week-off basis; and

Second, we are moving some critical dates for semester two.

Key dates

From 1 June

  • Food and beverage retailers will have available seating for up to 20 people from 1 June; however, current government advice is that people should continue to limit their time outside of their homes, and not spend more time on campus than is necessary.
  • The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool at Monash Sport, Clayton campus, will reopen. Up to 20 people can participate in outdoor group sport and exercise activities or use the outdoor gyms.
  • The Pharmacy Library at Parkville campus and Law Library at Clayton campus will reopen.

From 8 June

  • Some first-year student groups will attend approved on-campus orientation-type learning activities to introduce them to their learning spaces and teaching staff.
  • Reactivation of lab and research spaces to enable access where work cannot be conducted from home will also occur.
  • The Hargrave-Andrew Library at Clayton campus will reopen.

From 22 June

  • Fitness centres and indoor sports facilities at Monash Sport, Clayton campus, will reopen.
  • Food and beverage retailers will have available seating for up to 50 people.

Semester two

  • Most units will be taught with a combination of on-campus and online activities.
  • Semester two dates have been changed, and now include a two-week mid-semester break to support staff in the preparation and delivery of programs and allow for some much-needed downtime before the second half of the year.
DescriptionKey date
Semester two start date 3 August
Census date 7 September
Mid-semester break 21 September to 2 October
Swot Vac 9 November to 13 November
Examination period 16 November to 30 November
Results release 17 December


  • There will be a new November intake into the first year of undergraduate and graduate studies in some Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, and Science courses.
  • The November intake will also enable undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those completing Monash University Foundation Year at Monash College, to complete their first semester online.

Late 2020/early 2021 – teaching in China

  • Our Suzhou campus will become a new learning site for some commencing Chinese students who may be able to transfer to other Monash campuses in 2021.

Your health and well being

As we reactivate our Australian campuses, our first priority at every stage is the health and wellbeing of our community.

To ensure this, we will be following a number of guidelines:

  • All lectures for semester two will be delivered online.
  • Any on-campus activity will be scheduled to ensure strict physical distancing, inclusive of:
    • having enough space to stay 1.5 metres from others
    • only one person per four square metres
    • no more than 100 people in each space.
  • Large-scale invigilated assessments for semester two will continue to be delivered online.

The most important thing we can all do is to take personal responsibility for the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others. If you are feeling unwell, it is important to:

  • get tested for COVID-19;
  • isolate until you receive your COVID-19 test result; and
  • DO NOT attend any campus (or any Monash location) until you are completely recovered.

It is important to follow these guidelines if you are feeling unwell and/or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19 – even if they are mild. It is these measures that have helped Victoria limit the spread of the virus, and it is essential we continue to follow them.

We have implemented a number of initiatives to support our community with maintaining physical distancing and personal hygiene, including:

  • physical distancing signage such as posters and floor markings to ensure people can stay 1.5 metres apart
  • providing hand sanitisers in all buildings
  • increased cleaning in all buildings.

All students  have been enrolled in a mandatory OHS health module in Moodle. It is important to complete this before returning to campus.

This year has presented us with many changes and challenges we could not have predicted. I understand some of you  may be feeling mixed emotions about life returning to a new kind of normal. We’re here to support you during this transition period and beyond.

Support and further information

I want to take this opportunity to again thank all of you for your resilience  through these unprecedented times. I look forward to a time when our campuses can bring back the rich range of activities and experiences they are designed to support.

Professor Margaret Gardner AC
President and Vice-Chancellor