Changes to grading and results

31 July 2020

Dear student,

To support you during the disruption caused by COVID-19, and with the close involvement of elected student representatives, the  changes to grading and results which were approved by Academic Board earlier this year have also been extended to semester two and other eligible teaching periods.

This includes:

  • the option to exclude the results of all units passed in a teaching period, from the calculation of your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM) by converting them all to a grade of Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR)
  • failed units with a result less than 40 being automatically withdrawn
  • the availability of a supplementary assessment for marks between 40–49 with no cap on the number of supplementary assessments you can do
  • the option to withdraw from your units after results are released, without academic penalty
  • the lowering of threshold hurdles to 40 (from 45). If you fail to meet a hurdle but would have otherwise passed the unit, you will be awarded a mark of 40 and an NH grade. If you fail to meet a hurdle and would have also failed the unit due to your overall performance, you will be awarded your mark and an N grade for the unit.

If you receive a result of N 0 (zero) for a unit due to academic misconduct, it will remain on your academic transcript. If you receive a zero mark as an academic misconduct penalty for a major assessment worth 20% or more, and you also have a fail grade for the unit, this grade will also remain on your academic transcript. You can still make changes to other units in eligible teaching periods. This applies to all eligible teaching periods where results are released after 27 July.

Support for you

We know it’s been an unusual and challenging year. If you ever need to chat, our friendly counselling staff are here for you. Also, see our full range of support services.

More information

Kind regards,

Professor Susan Elliott
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Senior Vice President (Education)

Professor Kris Ryan
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)