Further queries

I’ve received payment but I want to know more about it such as which unit/semester/year this applied to.  Who do I contact?

Access HR will happily provide this information, if required.  You can contact them with you request via email: hr@monash.edu

Who can I talk to if I think I have been underpaid (outside of the tutorial review)?

  • If you are a former staff member and think you have been underpaid, please contact our dedicated pay review services payreview@monash.edu to raise your concern.  Our staff will  review and seek to resolve the concerns.

    We will respond and acknowledge receipt of pay enquiries within 24 hours.

    We will review pay enquiries and provide a preliminary response within five working days.
  • If you are a current staff member and think you have been underpaid, the first steps are:
  1. Check your payslip for the rate of pay, hours or type of work and the time period you have been paid for
  2. Review your Employment Contract / Terms of Engagement
  3. Review the relevant rates of pay in the Enterprise Agreement (see Schedule 1 for Professional and Academic rates of pay and Schedules 2 and 3 for Teaching Associate Sessional rates of pay).

If, after following these steps, you still think that you have not been paid correctly or have a particular concern, please contact our dedicated pay review service payreview@monash.edu.

If an underpayment has occurred, we will make an additional payment to resolve as quickly as possible in the next available pay cycle.

Where do I find more information about casual/sessional employment?

We have consolidated guidance material and information for staff and supervisors regarding casual and sessional employment on the Monash HR webpage.  This includes material such as induction, compliance training, timesheet information, pay rates, Understanding Sessional Employment training module, and much more.