Transforming human and environmental health in urban informal settlements through water-sensitive revitalisation

  • People

    Improving the lives of 1 billion people currently living in urban informal settlements

  • Approach

    Trialling a holistic water-sensitive approach through a randomised control trial involving 12 informal settlements in Suva, Fiji and 12 settlements in Makassar, Indonesia

  • Our aim

    RISE aims to collect the first-ever rigorous scientific evidence of the human and environmental impacts of a water-sensitive revitalisation approach in urban informal settlements

  • Our reach

    In 2022, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Penny Wong, visited RISE Indonesia

One billion people around the world live in urban informal settlements with inadequate water and sanitation that cause preventable diseases.

RISE is a transdisciplinary research program which aims to address this issue by trialling nature-based, water-sensitive revitalisation in Fiji and Indonesia to improve environmental health in informal settlements. RISE recognises that conventional approaches to managing water and sanitation are insufficient in light of climate change and rapid urbanisation. By working closely with communities, governments, local leaders and partner institutions, RISE addresses this issue by encouraging sustainable and healthy water practices across several phases.

Guided by the principle of addressing planetary health, RISE measures its success through the health and wellbeing of residents, as well as the ecological diversity of the surrounding environment.

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