Woodside Monash Energy Partnership

Addressing the planet’s biggest energy challenges through building sustainable energy technologies

  • 66.5 million investment

  • Winner of 2021 AFR Higher Education award in Industry Engagement

Interdisciplinary collaboration is needed to address the biggest energy challenges facing our planet. The Woodside Monash Partnership aims to accelerate the development and deployment of new solutions to global energy challenges by building sustainable energy technologies that deliver energy in cleaner ways.

The partnership comprises the Monash FutureLab and the Woodside Monash Energy Partnership.

Woodside and Monash have joined forces to develop innovative responses to real-world challenges through a long-term research partnership. The Woodside Monash Energy Partnership is finding a sustainable path to a lower-carbon economy.

FutureLab is focused on researching industry-wide technology innovation opportunities, and the Woodside Monash Energy Partnership aims to find a sustainable path to a lower-carbon economy.

These innovations are focused on novel tecnhologies in the hydrogen value chain and carbon abatement, and are aligned to the United Nations SDGs.

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