Global engagement

Global engagement supports, drives and implements international strategy for Monash University. We do this by building interdisciplinary teams and developing focused partnerships. We nurture existing alliances and develop new ones. Our work is underpinned by strong in-house analytics which enables informed decision making across a diverse range of areas. We forecast international opportunities and advise on fit for purpose partners.

Our goal? To advance the reputation and positive impact of Monash in the world.

Strategy and planning

Strategy and planning are critical to the success of any project. Our expertise includes international planning and implementation for Monash, analysis and reporting, country/regional strategies and partnership strategies.

Analytics and intelligence

Our work is underpinned by strong in-house analytics. We enable the university to make informed decisions across a diverse range of areas. We also help with the forecasting of international opportunities and fit-for-purpose partners.

International partnership engagement

We facilitate targeted partnerships with education institutions, government bodies, research organisations and industry partners.  We work at each stage of the partnership life cycle: search, initiation, formalisation, implementation, review.

Strategic alliances and joint ventures

We support the development of the university's major strategic alliances internationally. Our alliance activities include joint research, teaching and publications, student and staff exchange, and consultancy.

Scholarships and government liaison

Monash is renowned for its ability to attract the brightest minds across the globe. Our team supports this by working with international scholarship agencies and liaising with international governments.

International visits

We facilitate purposeful visits to Monash that promote meaningful engagement for academics as well as for government officials, researchers and industry partners. If you are interested in visiting Monash, please see our Visitor Information page.

Monash Abroad

Our team includes Monash Abroad, which manages the university's study abroad programs. International students can study at Monash, and Monash students can study abroad. For more details, please visit Study Abroad.