What you need to know about this semester

20 March 2020

Dear Student,

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, and to ensure your health and wellbeing is a priority, we’ve made the following changes to the delivery of learning activities and key semester dates.

Your classes will be delivered online unless otherwise communicated

  • You may attend lectures and seminars on-campus, or choose to view them online via live streaming or on playback. Attendance on campus is not required, however where lectures are conducted on campus you may attend, subject to you complying with health
    and distancing requirements.
  • Our tutorials, workshops, and applied sessions will typically be delivered online, you should check Moodle for details. For some units, it may be appropriate for tutorials to continue face-to-face, on campus. In this case, students must ensure relevant social distancing. We will not accommodate class sizes greater than 100. If this applies to you, details will be provided to you by your unit coordinator.
  • We’ll create a new intensive study period (for labs, pracs and studios) which may have been disrupted or postponed during semester one, and we’ll hold these between 30 November, 2020 and 18 January, 2021.
  • For students whose courses include placements, adjustments will be made to the teaching weeks to accommodate this aspect of your learning.
  • We will not be running face-to-face exams for semester one, we’ll be in touch with more information about this in the coming weeks.
  • Practicals, labs, applied labs and studios in most cases will be taken at the end of the year in intensive mode.
  • As far as possible we will keep libraries and informal learning spaces accessible for students - including computer labs - subject to complying with health and distancing requirements. On campus wifi networks will also still be operating normally.

Semester one key dates

  • Monday 23 March - Week two learning activities completed
  • Monday 30 March - Week three commences
  • Tuesday 31 March - last day to add units for semester one and full year
  • Monday 13 April - Mid-semester break commences
  • Tuesday 14 April - Census date (previously 31 March)
  • Monday 15 June - Swot Vac commences (back to five full days)
  • Monday 22 June - Semester one remote exams commence
  • Monday 27 July - Semester one results release

These changes are summarised in the ‘changes to semester timeline’ infographic.

Semester two key dates

Changes have also been made to semester two to enable the full 12-week teaching and learning load to be maintained:

  • Monday 3 August - Week one commences (previously Monday 27 July)
  • Monday 28 September - Mid-semester break commences (end of week eight)
  • Friday 30 October - Semester two teaching period ends
  • Monday 2 November - Swot Vac commences
  • Monday 9 November - Semester two exams commence
  • Monday 14 December - Semester two results release

More information

We’ve set up a dedicated phone number for students directly affected by COVID-19. You can contact us online or call us on +61 3 9902 6010.

For more information about Monash’s response to COVID-19, visit our dedicated website or read the Monash fact sheet.

Monash University