My payment

During the review period I delivered educational activities in a range of units.  Why didn’t I receive payment for all of them?

Additional payments were made where one or both of the two errors, as set out above, occurred. We did not detect timesheet submission errors across every unit / semester / year. Also, not all units / semesters / years contained inconsistencies in the description of educational activities.

I delivered a range of activities during my sessional engagement that were paid at the Other Required Academic Activity (ORAA) pay rate, are they being adjusted too?

The review focus was on:

  1. incorrect timesheet entries for ORAA when they may have performed a tutorial, or
  2. inconsistent (or erroneous) description of educational activities in the relevant Unit Guide or Handbook and Timetable e.g. a laboratory interchangeably described as a Tutorial leading to the requirement to pay at the Tutorial rate.

There are many educational activity types that are appropriately paid at the ORAA pay rate, for example practicals, laboratories, field excursions, required meetings, music coaching, consultation, etc.  Most activities other than tutorials and lectures are required to be paid at the ORAA pay rate.

How do I know which years / units / semesters this payment applies to?

Please feel free to contact our Access HR team via email: if you would like this information and they will happily provide.