Nathan Luu

Nathan Luu

Nathan Luu

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Year commenced: 2018
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Science
  • Major(s): Biochemistry; Pharmacology
  • Minor(s): Genetics

Why did you decide to study science?
During my high school experience, I always knew I wanted to contribute to global changes in communities personally. Initially, I considered studying other courses, but I always found myself returning to science as it is what I love.

What made you choose Monash Uni in particular?
Monash offered the ideal environment for me to expand my horizons as I explored deeper into what components of science I wanted to study. In addition, there are so many researchers willing to discuss their own and ongoing innovative research.

What's your favourite aspect of studying science?
For me, my favourite aspect was working within labs during my studies. I love to personally learn in a lab-based setting as I consolidate the information from lectures while becoming more involved with my fellow students.

What has been the highlight of your science degree so far?
The highlight of my science degree was my internship. I was able to apply my learning in a more practical and industrial-like fashion, really challenged my thinking and broadened my knowledge of the science community.

What's the biggest misconception you had about studying science before you started your course?
My biggest misconception was that working in science would always lead me to a job in academia. Instead, there are opportunities to work within industries relevant to your field or businesses looking to adopt the STEM skills learned during your degree

If you were to give some advice to someone who's thinking about studying at Monash Science, what would you say?
Take every opportunity that you can get. Life is short, and University life is even shorter. However, Monash has so much to offer both professionally and personally for science students. As you challenge yourself, you will learn more about yourself than you may even realise.

Give us a life hack or piece of advice you live by:
Be willing to expand your comfort zone. Even if it is just one step at a time, progress is still progress. If you don’t, you’re just limiting the University experience.