Jupiter Ionics finalist in The Spinoff Prize 2023, a Nature Award

Jupitor ionics

We are proud to share that Jupiter Ionics, spun out of Monash University in 2021, is a finalist in the prestigious The Spinoff Prize 2023 Nature Award.

Jupiter Ionics is a start-up in the seed stage, as they pioneer a ground-breaking approach to manufacturing carbon-neutral ammonia and its derivatives.

Based on the extensive research conducted by Professor Doug Macfarlane and Associate Professor Alexandr Simonov from the Monash University School of Chemistry, Jupiter Ionics has obtained an exclusive worldwide licence for this transformative technology. Through their novel electrochemical pathway, powered by renewable energy, they have achieved the remarkable feat of producing carbon-free Green Ammonia.

This development is of great significance, considering that conventional ammonia production methods contribute approximately two tonnes of CO2 per tonne of ammonia, and a significant portion of global ammonia production is utilised for essential fertiliser production, crucial for ensuring global food security. Addressing the urgent need for decarbonisation in this industry is paramount in our collective efforts to mitigate climate change.

With Jupiter Ionics’ flexible and modular technology, new avenues open up to tackle this challenging decarbonization task, furthering our commitment to sustainable solutions and a greener future.

Monash University Chief Commercialisation Officer, Dr Alastair Hick, said: “This is amazing progress since being spun out of Monash University in 2021 and a really exciting time ahead. We are proud to have played a small role in helping this to happen and are committed to helping Jupiter on its journey to decarbonising ammonia production globally.”

Professor Macfarlane, co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Jupiter Ionics, said: "As the co-founder of Jupiter Ionics with Associate Professor Simonov, we have pioneered a ground-breaking, high-selectivity, lithium-mediated electrochemical pathway to ammonia. This revolutionary process harnesses the power of air, water, and renewable electricity.

Our aim, starting with the production of green fertiliser, is to scale up and commercialise this technology. However, our ambitions reach beyond that, as we envision generating ammonia as a carbon-free fuel.

With our advancements, we are rapidly closing in on the ambitious goal set by the US Department of Energy—to achieve carbon-free production of ammonia that is commercially competitive with the traditional Haber-Bosch process.

At Jupiter Ionics, we are committed to driving the transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions."

These five selected companies will contest the slam in a public virtual event, after which one winner will receive a €30,000 cash prize. Applicants, including Jupiter CEO Dr Charlie Day,  will make a short pitch to the panel followed by a Q&A session at The Spinoff Prize from Nature Awards, 2023 Slam on 21st of June.

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