Status of the review

I worked as a casual/sessional academic between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2020. How do I know if I was underpaid?

  • In relation to the recent Tutorial Review, approximately 80 per cent of current staff (including those who have left the University within the past 12 months prior to 23 September 2021) have been contacted and received their additional payments.
  • We are currently finalising the review of tutorial payments in the Faculty of IT and when that review is complete the remaining outstanding payments to current staff will be made.
  • In line with best practice guidance, we have commenced an outreach process to verify details for past staff who ceased engagements before September 2020.
  • As at January 2022, 70 per cent of former staff have been contacted and payments have been made.
  • Outreach is continuing for the remainder of affected former staff.
  • If you are a former staff member and have not been contacted and believe you have been underpaid, please contact our dedicated pay review service via email: