Bachelor of Science (Honours) - How to enrol


How to Enrol

To enrol in the course once you have received your full offer, you will need to complete steps 1-5 of the online enrolment instructions if you haven’t done so already. For step 2 please scroll down to Select your faculty, select Science and click on Science course information.

Here you will find the table of honours units. Please find your honours discipline and part time or full time enrolment, as per your offer letter (either full offer letter or conditional offer letter), and enrol via WES in the specific units as follows:

    If you received a full offer: from 10-17 July 2023
    If you received a conditional offer followed by a full offer: from 17-21 July 2023
    Please note, you can only enrol if you received/receive a full offer.

Please ensure you enrol in the correct project location as per your offer letter, either Clayton, MMC (Monash Medical Centre) or MMS-Alfred.

Important school/department Information:

This is an offer of admission in your Honours course and generic Honours discipline only, not an offer for a specific project.  Processes for project allocation and commencement dates for the Honours program may vary with particular disciplines.  Please check with your supervisor or Honours coordinator regarding your specific project and starting date for your honours program.

Deferral of this offer is not possible and if you are not able to take up your place in the Honours Program you should decline this offer and re-apply at a later date.

Current Monash students please note, if you are enrolled in a double degree and yet to complete the non-science component, you will need to apply for intermission from the double degree for the duration of your Honours program or apply for an alternative exit via if you are not going to complete the non-science component.