Jones' Research in the News

Research from the Jones group is regularly highlighted in chemical society and general science magazines and journals. Follow this link (Press Cuttings) to be taken to a selection of highlights (72 pieces) that have appeared in various periodicals since 2007. The articles are grouped in order of the periodicals they appeared in. The order of these periodicals is as follows:

Nature                                             1 highlight

Nature Chemistry                            2 highlights

Angewandte Chemie                       4 highlights

J. Am. Chem. Soc. Spotlights         2 highlights

Chem. and Eng. News                    5 highlights (inc. two cover stories)

Chemistry in Australia                     44 highlights

Various RSC periodical highlights   11 highlights

Specialty Chemicals Magazine        1 highlight

Chemistry Views                              2 highlight

NB: the periodical and date of each highlight can be found in the "sticky note" attached to each page.