Presentation of the inaugural E Kováts Award 2017 to Dr Yada Nolvachai, an international
award given to a recently completed PhD student (within the last 2 years) for the best
PhD thesis, judged by the Hungarian Chemical Society and presented by Mrs Kovats.

Dinner at local restaurant Hodori Garden for some members of the
Marriott Research Group.

ACROSS Meeting winter 2015, Hobart

Wong, Chadin, Giselle, Nancy and Phil at ISCC 2017, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Relaxing at ISCC 2017

Chadin Kulsing with his poster at ISCC 2017

Giselle and Phil at ISCC 2017 "Making Australia Great Again!"

Sharif and his First Prize poster (L) and Dandan (R) at Riva, Italy 2016.

(L-R) Jalal, Chadin, Phil, Wong and Sharif at Riva

BBQ at Phil's (L) and ST's graduation with group (R)

Green Chemical Futures building at Monash (L) and In the office (R)

A farewell at Monash (L) and Conference break (R)