Group Members


  • Dr Yada Nolvachai

PhD / Master students

  • Ms Jayanthi (Mala) Jayamanne - Biomarkers of nanoparticle exposure from metabolomic profiling
  • Ms Michelle Amaral - Advanced processing of essential oils to unravel sample composition and complexity
  • Mr Riley Heron – On-site and comprehensive technology for chemical weapons, toxins, and drugs
  • Mr Ian Wittman - Innovations in cryogenic modulation and applications to drug detection and analysis
  • Mr Neil Byrnes - Chirality and potency assessment of drugs and emerging commercial Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis species

Other students – undergraduate projects

  • Ms Vindy Putri (3rd year)
  • Ms Madeleine Houston (2nd year)
  • Mr James French (3rd Year)
  • Ms Rachel Lee (3rd Year)
  • Mr Liang Tan (3rd Year)
  • Mr Jonathan Mete (3rd Year)
  • Mr Adam Kennedy (3rd Year)
  • Ms Meg Runacres (3rd Year)

Recently left us

  • Mr Jun Yong (Jeffery) Chan (Chemistry-Engineering, Malaysia, now Dr)
  • Mr Habtewold Waktola (Now Dr, University California, Davis, USA)
  • Ms Shezmin Ismail (Now Dr; Trajan Scientific and Medical, Australia)
  • Mr Jalal Althakafy (Now Dr.; Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
  • Mr Yong Wong (Now Dr.; University of Science, Penang, Malaysia)
  • Mr Sharif Khan (Now Dr.; Dartmouth College; Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre, North Carolina)
  • Dr Chadin Kulsing (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • Mr Blagoj Mitrevski (Now Dr,; CSIRO Melbourne)
  • Ms Renée Webster (Now Dr.; DST Group)
  • Ms Siti Umairah (Now Dr,; University Pahang Malaysia)
  • Ms Bussayarat Maikhunthod (Thailand)
  • Mr Sung Tong Chin (Now Dr.; Imperial College, London)
  • Ms Sunny (Leesun) Kim (Now Dr.; Korea)
  • Ms (Annie) Xu Zeng (Now Dr.; Australia)
  • Ms Grace Wu (Now Dr.; Chizhou University, Anhui, China)
  • Ms Kavitha Samykanoo (Now Dr.; Perth, Australia)
  • Ms Giselle Pacot (Philippines)
  • Ms Aprilia Tasfiyati (Indonesia)
  • Mr Shalveen Raj (Queensland)
  • Ms Dandan Yang (Now Dr.; University of Tasmania, Australia)
  • Mr Fabio Moreira Novaes Jr., (Now Dr.; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Dr Zhongda Zeng (China)
  • Ms Maria Fernanda Mota (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)