The Turner Group - 31st March 2022

From left: Diksha Sawant (PhD), Nick Kyratzis (PhD), Dr Rosie Young (post-doc, joint with Assoc. Prof. Kellie Tuck), Winnie Cao (PhD), Jade Ang (PhD), Sam Walker (PhD submitted 1 hour before this photo), Dr David Turner, Shannon Thoonen (PhD).

Group Photo

The Turner Group (+ some extras) - 13th September 2019

From left: Samantha Piper (Honours), Michael Beards (PhD), Kookkai Saechio (visiting Honours from Prof. David Harding), Dr David Turner, James Ackroyd (3rd year undergraduate), Dr Adrian Emerson (ex-PhD), Nicholas Kyratzis (PhD), Sam Walker (PhD), Prof. Stuart Batten (from the office next door), Winnie Cao (PhD), Ali Chahine (PhD).


The Turner Group - October 2019

From left: Winnie Cao (PhD), Nicholas Kyratzis (PhD), Samantha Piper (Honours), Michael Beards (PhD), Dr Adrian Emerson (ex-PhD), Dr David Turner, Sam Walker (PhD), Ali Chahine (PhD), Dr Nurul Ghazali (ex-PhD).

Group 2019 Nott

Previous Group Members

Without the contributions of all of the people below there would be no research.

PhDs and Post-DocsHonours StudentsVisitors and Projects
Dr Ali Chahine (PhD, 2021)Samantha Piper (2019)Kookkai Saechio (Wailailak, Thailand, 2019)
Dr Adrian Emerson (PhD, 2019)Michael Beards (2017)Sam Brandon (CHM2990, 2019)
Dr Yuniar (Ponco) Prananto (PhD, 2019)Sam Walker (2017)James Ackroyd (CHM3990, 2019)
Dr Nurul Ghazali (PhD, 2019)
Dr Stephanie Boer (PhD, 2017)  
Dr Lauren Macreadie (PhD, 2016)  
Dr Greg Hall (PhD, 2015)  
Dr Jamie Hicks (post-doc, 2016)  
Dr Chris Hawes (post-doc, 2012-5)  
Dr Laura McCormick (post-doc, 2011)