Research Projects

Continuation of our prior studies

As a general philosophy, we try not to be constrained by specific or rigid project areas. Thus anyone with a good idea who feels they can offer new capabilities to our research group, and take our research into new (but clearly related) directions, then you should talk to us. There are many areas that we have only just touched on, and many others that we'd like to embark on, but have not yet chosen those directions. So contact us with ideas based on what you read in our publications, or think laterally about MDGC and GCxGC and mass spectrometry and contact us with your ideas.

Most of the topic areas that we have working on in the past are still open for further investigation. Sometimes we have not completed those studies, and so have un-researched capacity to progress the research areas. Thus oils analysis, FAME analysis, illicit drugs analysis derivatisation in GC and GCxGC, detector studies etc are still of interest to us. By way of suggestion, look through our publications list and if an especially interesting area attracts you, then give it some consideration, maybe read about the topic, then contact us. This can be applications driven, theory, or technique development.

Projects that you propose

In many cases, we have a large number of visitors who bring their projects to us, and then we work collaboratively on developing GC, MDGC, and MS solutions for these. This is an excellent way to proceed – since you can bring the studies with you that you have expertise on, and then we join in a study to apply our advanced methods to. This is productive and profitable way to proceed – and usually is readily publishable.

But even if you do not have a ready-made project, it is still advisable to give good thought to the proposed topic area, then see if we can match your interests.

Current Projects:

  1. Fatty acids profiling
  2. Illicit drugs analysis; Personal care / pharmaceutical / forensic drugs analysis
  3. Food and beverage analysis
  4. Essential oils analysis; Olfactometry; Wine; Coffee and related samples
  5. Theories and simulations of GCxGC data
  6. Derivatisation and GCxGC of flavonoids, plant phenols, plant hormones and related plant-derived chemicals
  7. Analysis of traditional Chinese medicines and herbals
  8. Studies in multidimensional GC and preparative GC with spectroscopy
  9. Chirality in chemical separations
  10. Development of stationary phase materials in chromatography
  11. Chemical weapons, toxins and drugs
  12. Preparatory GC and fractionation

New Projects:

We have funding support for research in the areas of:

  1. Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs)
  2. Innovative methods for petroleum analysis
  3. Hybrid technologies for multidimensional GC
  4. Development of novel stationary phase materials
  5. Chemical weapons, toxins and drugs
  6. Enabling technology for comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography

Our current and prior projects on essential oils and fatty acids require new research efforts to investigate chiral (enantioselective) separations and also fundamental and applied work on structural characterization and relationships for fatty acids.