Daniel Veryard

Willing to change direction and try something new

Daniel Veryard

Last year Daniel Veryard (MTrans 2010) arrived in Sydney to set up a new transport modelling team for national consulting firm Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC). As their Practice Leader of Transport Advisory NSW he builds client relationships, recruits and works with his team to deliver great results.

“VLC has been working towards integrating our transport modelling with our clients' strategic and project planning processes,” says Daniel. “For example, we might estimate economic benefits or visualise the mobility impacts of projects.”

Daniel’s role requires him to lead a technical team in a field outside his own specialisation. “A great team helps to overcome this challenge, but so does jumping in and asking stupid questions when I don't understand” he shares. “I can contribute ideas and experience, but rely on others who are talented and empowered to both innovate and deliver.”

Shortly before coming to VLC, Daniel spent two and a half years as a Project Manager at International Transport Forum in Paris. During his time there, he created opportunities for dialogue between academics, policymakers and practitioners in transport planning, infrastructure financing and investment appraisal. Another building block in constructing his career.

Now that Daniel has made his way in the work world, he offers this advice: “Don't be afraid to change direction and try something quite new. Careers are long so there's no need to rush to the top of a single field.”

Passionate about the environment, Daniel volunteers at Bronte Gully Bushcare, restoring and regenerating the native bush in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. “I love the opportunity to do something outdoors that makes a long-term contribution to our somewhat neglected urban natural environment,” he explains.

Daniel also enjoys hiking and cycling and getting away. “Last summer my wife and I spent three weeks hiking through the Austrian Alps and the Dolomites in Italy,” he recounts. “A great physical challenge and a good excuse to indulge in the local cuisine!”

What value did you gain from the Master of Transport course you studied at Monash University?

The value of the degree was that it gave me a grounding across the breadth of what is a diverse field. I learnt the language and the basic techniques that allow me to collaborate with planners, engineers and the technologists that all contribute to the planning of major projects.