Dr. Bob Guo

Dr. Bob Guo

Senior Research Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering
Room P01, 24 Research Way, Clayton Campus

Research Projects

Current projects

Model studies of three-dimensional distributions within blast furnaces for reliable and efficient operations

ARC Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology Research

This research hub represents a significant research into particle science and technology. It aims to develop and apply advanced theories and mathematical models to design and optimise particulate and multiphase processes that are widely used in the minerals and metallurgical industries. This will be achieved through detailed analysis of the fundamentals governing the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer at different time and length scales, facilitated by various novel research techniques. Research outcomes including theories, computer models and simulation techniques, as well as well-trained young researchers, will generate a significant impact across a range of industries of vital importance to Australia’s economic and technological future.

Research articles, papers & publications

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Last modified: October 26, 2017