Mr. Cheav Por Chea

Mr. Cheav Por Chea

Postgraduate Student
Department of Civil Engineering
Room 114, Building 36, 18 Alliance Lane

Research Interests

Robotic construction, Reciprocal frame structure, FRP structure, Dual lateral force-resisting system

Chea CP, Bai Y, Pan X, Arashpour M, Xie Y. An integrated review of automation and robotic technologies for structural prefabrication and construction. Transportation Safety and Environment. 2020 May 29.

Lu X, Yang Z, Chea CP, Guan H. Experimental study on earthquake-induced falling debris of exterior infill walls and its impact to pedestrian evacuation. International journal of disaster risk reduction. 2020 Feb 1;43:101372.

Yang B, Tong L, Chea CP. Optimization design, manufacturing and mechanical performance of box girder made by carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composites. Science and Engineering of Composite Materials. 2018 Mar 28;25(2):297-307.

Chea CP, Xie L, Lin Y, Lu X. Study on seismic performance and collapse-resistant capacity of typical frame-core tube structures with single and dual lateral-force resisting system. Engineering Mechanics. 2019 36(10): 40-49. (in Chinese)

Chea CP, Lu X, Yang Z, Xu Z, Zhang X. Experimental research and range of injury risk analysis of earthquake-induced hazard of falling exterior infill walls. Journal of Natural Disasters.2018 27(1): 17-26. (in Chinese)

Cheng Q, Xu Z, Gu D, Chea CP, Tian Yuan, LU Xin Zheng. Seismic risk assessment of buildings in major Chinese cities based on the nonlinear time-history analysis of cities. China Earthquake Engineering Journal, 2018 41(2): 299-306. (in Chinese)

Last modified: 02/07/2020