Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Some of the most important lessons occur outside the classroom. That’s why we’ve introduced Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to Monash Engineering as a compulsory requirement from 2017.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Monash Engineering

We want to give you a chance to gain transferable business skills and essential professional knowledge as part of your undergraduate experience.

CPD requires you to engage in business and Engineering-related activities. In doing so, you’ll develop teamwork, leadership, communication and networking skills, as well as learn about ethical conduct and professional accountability.

The harder you work at your CPD, the more employable you’ll be when you graduate.

Although the best way to gain business skills and professional knowledge for CPD is through work experience (which must be supervised by the host organisation) at an Engineering-related company, we understand this isn’t always possible. For this reason, we allow many other types of relevant activities to count towards your CPD time requirement, such as:

  • coursework units
  • professional development programs and activities (e.g. workshops, seminars, online learning programs, leadership programs, industry visits)
  • summer research program
  • volunteering in leadership roles (e.g. Monash Clubs & Societies, community groups, religious organisations, charities, sporting associations)
  • work experience in non-Engineering-related companies

Starting in Semester 1 2017, undergraduate Engineering students must meet a CPD time requirement. If you're currently part-way through your course, you’ll have no doubt undertaken some CDP-relevant activities already that you can apply to your CPD.

Read our FAQs and the other links below for more specific and highly detailed information: