Dr. Inhi Kim

Dr. Inhi Kim

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering
1223-24 Cheonan-daero, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

Dr. Inhi Kim received his Ph.D. degree from Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia in early 2014. His research topic was to identify the three most promising low cost interventions to improve safety at grade railway crossings. In early 2015, he joined the Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University as a lecturer. Especially, Dr. Inhi Kim leads Master of Transportation Systems at the Southeast University and Monash University, Joint Graduate School in Suzhou, China. Before joining The University of Queensland, Inhi worked in German transport software company, PTV Group as a transport engineer and planner. He gained 5 year experience in industry whilst based in Australia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Korea.For more information regarding his research, visit his webpage: http://inhi.kim/


  • Ph.D, Civil Engineering, University of Queensland., 2014

Professional Association:

Standing Committee on Highway/Rail Grade Crossings TRB – AHB60

Program committee of ANT 2018

Korean Society of Transportation

The Korean Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems

Korean Academy of Scientists and Engineers in Australasia


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External research funding

Vissim and Unity Integration Modelling Study by MainRoads, WA 2019; AUD 24,000; Lead CI

Passenger Flow Evaluation Study by Bombardier Australia 2019; AUD 36,000; CI

Smart mobility by CCDI, China 2019; 350,000 RMB (AUD 73,000); Lead CI

Localization and environmental awareness for autonomous vehicles, Data 61; 2018-2021; AUD 129,787; Lead CI

Research on Collaborative Model of Green Travel in Intelligent City Integration platform by Jiangsu province, China 2017-2019; 4million RMB (AUD 760,000); Lead CI

The traffic operational reliability analysis and optimization design of connection lines between motorways and urban roads by National Natural Science Foundation of China 2016-2020; 620,000 RMB (AUD 117,000) CI

Research on characteristics of driving rage and intervention method in China funded by Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security in Wuxi, China 2016-2017; 30,000 RMB (AUD 5,700); Lead CI

Internal research funding

Dynamic traffic assignment model on Domino with road pricing, 2018 Engineering Seed Funding Scheme Monash University, AUD 25,000. Lead CI

Mitigating vehicle crash and emission using Intelligent traffic system, 2015 Engineering Seed Funding Scheme Monash University, AUD 25,000. Lead CI



Wenhua Jia
Railway station passenger flow short term estimation.
2017 to Present

Chunlian Wu
Signal control through reinforcement learning
2018 to Present

Bo Wang
Traffic prediction using deep learning
2018 to Present

Meina Jiang
Visiting student from Southeast University; Multi-modal public transit travel behavior analysis and network design
2018 to Present

Dong Xiao
Travel Patterns Identification From Longitudinal Perspectives by Using Mobile Phone Data
2019 to Present

Noradilah Binti Khairul Sham
Behavior based models and algorithms for simultaneous design of service bundles and labor agreements
2019 to Present

Xin Zou
Analysis on Causation of Road Accidents using Bayesian Network
2019 to Present

Taeho Oh(coming soon)
Activity based modelling
2020 to Present

Tiangqi Gu
E-Bike and public-shard bike’s mobility, feasibility and safety.
2016 to 2019

Xinyuan Chen
Optimal setting of rail based park and ride scheme with feeder bus services.
2015 to 2019

Wentao Jing(Complete)
Evaluation traffic demand management policies in a dynamic agent based activity scheduling model.
2014 to 2018

Xiaoying Cao(Complete)
Modelling forced lane change execution in heterogeneous traffic on arterial road.
2014 to 2017

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