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Off-Campus Learning Offered through: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Monash University

Do you want to expand your career?

Or are you working in the infrastructure engineering and management industry and wish to upgrade your knowledge and skills?

The Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University has specifically developed this program to cater for those wanting to develop their career in the infrastructure engineering and management industry.

The Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management is a 1.5-year full-time or 3-year part-time study, incorporating the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Engineering and Management.

The Postgraduate Program is for managers, engineers and technical staff who want to undertake asset management in transport, water and built infrastructure under local and state governments.

Professionals involved in the management of infrastructure such as roads, railways, buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams and pipelines have chosen this program to develop their knowledge of the ever-expanding industry.

The program suits those wanting to develop their career choices as well as experienced professionals aiming to upgrade their knowledge and skills. However, some introductory knowledge of civil engineering is expected.

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Program Objectives

The program aims to meet your needs to work in the infrastructure engineering industry, by providing postgraduate units that are:

  • Comprehensive - covering fundamental technical and management dimensions and industry practices
  • Flexible - you choose when and where you study.

Convenient Off-campus Study

The program is taught by off-campus learning, which means you can balance your work and study while attaining your engineering qualification with Monash University. It is based on a combination of online study material and online communication.

Academic assistance with the materials can be obtained by email, telephone or online posting.

Discussion groups and other forms of online communication are also available.

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Program Structure

The program consists of a diverse range of units classified as core and electives. Students can select units to develop expertise in the disciplines available in the program.

For the master degree, students are required to pass 12 units, each of which is assigned 6 credit points. Thus a total of 72 credit points is required to complete the course.

Applicants with a 4-year bachelor degree in engineering, science or applied science will be granted up to a maximum of 24 credit points advanced standing / recognition of prior learning, equivalent to the Graduate Certificate, and hence will only be required to undertake the latter 48 credit points of study in order to qualify for the master degree.

At any stage of the course, student may wish to exit with graduate diploma or graduate certificate depending on the entry level and completion of required units.


Career Outlook

The 21st century presents a vital challenge for Civil Engineering.

As the infrastructure grows older, the need for a strategic maintenance plan to prolong its use becomes greater. Skilled professionals are required to maintain ageing infrastructure, integrate new infrastructure into existing systems and expand infrastructure.

The Postgraduate Program in Infrastructure Engineering and Management will equip you with the knowledge to address these important challenges.

The program was developed in response to the growing need for engineers to be aware of the characteristics and significance of infrastructure, including its technological, economic and social impact.

Student Testimonials

Chamila Kariyawasam

Chamila Kariyawasam, Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Trinidad and Tobago

"The Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management was practical and related to my line of work. I was able to use the knowledge in my role and it improved my professional performance at work."

Neil Smith

Neil Smith, Master of Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Tasmania, Australia

"I chose the postgraduate course at Monash because it was the most relevant to my working life, covered asset management and general management and gave me the choice of a number of water and sewerage related subjects. Completion of the course gave me the opportunity to move away from general civil engineering design and project management to move into a more strategic role."

After completing the course, Neil's career advanced to becoming Manager - Asset Strategy, with Southern Water.