Professor Neil Cameron

Professor Neil Cameron

Head of Department, Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Room 108, 22 Alliance Lane, Clayton

Neil Cameron is the Monash Warwick Alliance Professor of Polymer Materials. He splits his time between the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University (Australia) and the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick (U.K.). Research activities are directed towards developing novel polymeric biomaterials for application in areas including tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug delivery.


  • PhD Polymer Chemistry, University of Strathclyde
  • BSc, Chemistry, University of Strathclyde

Research Interests

Neil’s research interests lie at the interface between materials chemistry and biology. We use modern synthetic chemistry to create designed macromolecules and materials that interrogate, interrupt or mimic biological systems and processes. This in turn leads to opportunities to create novel systems with therapeutic or biotechnological applications. Research projects fall into one or more of the following interlinked themes. New Tools for Biology: scaffolds for 3D cell culture; glycopolymers; polypeptides New Tools for Chemistry: supported catalysts, organocatalysts, biocatalysts and reagents; novel materials; new mass spectrometry methods for polymer sequencing. Materials for Medicine: tissue engineering; regenerative medicine; nanomedicine; targeted delivery Synthetic Biology: polymersomes as protocells.

Neil’s current work in the group is exploring i) polypeptide nanoparticles and nanocapsules for drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye; ii) glycosylated giant polymersomes as protocells; iii) emulsion templated and electrospun porous scaffolds as 3D cell culture substrates; iv) biodegradable emulsion templated scaffolds for the regeneration of ligaments and tendons; v) surface chemical functionalization of porous materials to allow attachment of molecules of interest; vi) self-assembling nanostructures from biocompatible polypeptide block copolymers; vii) the application of novel mass spectrometry methods to polymer sequencing; viii) chemical functionalization of cellulose; ix) network polymers of enhanced chemical resistance.

Research articles, papers & publications

See Neil’s research contributions through published book chapters, articles, journal papers and in the media.

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