Ms. Pallavi Goswami

Ms. Pallavi Goswami

Postgraduate student
Department of Civil Engineering
Office: Room 112, Building 36, Monash Clayton campus

I am currently pursuing my PhD at the IITB-Monash Research Academy through a joint PhD program between IIT Bombay (India) and Monash University (Australia). At Monash, I am working in the Water Engineering specialisation in the Civil Engineering department under Dr.Christoph Rüdiger and Dr. Tim Peterson. I am also supervised by Dr. Arpita Mondal from IITB (India). My research involves assessing non-stationarity in low flow characteristics in relation to large-scale climate drivers. I am also interested in looking at the changes in the hydrological drought return levels under non-stationary scenarios and the improvements gained in model calibration through use of global optimisation schemes.

Research Interests

  • statistical modelling of non-stationarity in hydrological extremes,
  • climate teleconnections’ linkages to droughts,
  • investigation of drought recovery and changes in streamflow regimes,
  • using data reconstructions to understand drought behaviour and response to a changing climate

IITB-Monash Joint PhD Scholarship

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