Mr. Peter Bach

Dr. Peter Bach

Research Fellow, ARC DECRA
Department of Civil Engineering
Room G25, 23 College Walk (B60), Clayton Campus


  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Honours, Civil Engineering., Monash University., 2009
  • Ph.D Engineering, Water Systems Modeling., Monash University., 2014


water systems modelling.
ntegrated urban water management.
urban microclimate.
landscape & urban planning.
remote sensing & GIS.

Member of the International Water Association (IWA)

Chair, IWA Working Group on Modelling Integrated Urban Water Systems (MIUWS)

Member, Management Committee of the IWA Specialist Group on Modelling and Integrated Assessment


Research Projects

Current projects

ABC Waters Evaluation and Modelling: Punggol New Town - C39 Precinct.

Virtual Reality for Planning of Green Urban Water Infrastructure.

This project aims to advance knowledge on the planning-technical-social dynamics of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) infrastructure. WSUD management has become financially and logistically unsustainable due to major urban growth and a rapid uptake in WSUD assets. Solving this problem is, however, complex as it involves stakeholders with conflicting needs and tacit knowledge that is difficult to quantify. Using emerging virtual reality technology, new ideas from participatory planning and learning from international collaborators about operational models, this project will improve WSUD modelling science through integrated modelling. It will enable more holistic and economically efficient planning of WSUD layouts in future cities.

Advancing water pollution emissions modelling in cities of the future.

This project aims to advance stormwater pollution modelling and enhance its link with urban development. Current
management of stormwater pollution by industry often results in inadequate strategies and, most crucially, suboptimal
financial investments. This is unlikely to improve in light of future urban growth and climate change. As
such, there is urgency in addressing decade-old pollution modelling knowledge gaps and the lack of a
multidisciplinary approach to stormwater pollution management. The anticipated goal is a new modelling tool to be
used by industry to explore scenarios on how stormwater pollution in changing cities can be effectively managed
through smarter and economically efficient technological and policy solutions.

Past projects

Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit.

Victorian International Research Scolarship Program - Peter Bach.


Journal Papers:

Bach, P. M., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic, A. (2010). Redefining the Stormwater First Flush Phenomenon. Water Research. 44(8). 2487-2498.

Bach, P. M., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic A. (2010). The development of a novel approach for assessment of the first flush in urban stormwater discharges. Water Science & Technology. 61(10). 2681-2688.

de Moel, M., Bach, P. M., Bouazza, A., Singh, R. M., Sun JL. O. (2010). Technological advances and applications of geothermal energy pile foundations and their feasibility in Australia. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 14. 2683-2696.

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers:

Bach, P. M., Urich, C., McCarthy, D. T., Sitzenfrei, R., Kleidorfer, M., Rauch, W., Deletic, A. (2011). Characterising a city for integrated performance assessment of water infrastructure in the DAnCE4Water model, 12th International Conference on Urban Drainage (12ICUD). September 2011. Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Bach, P. M., Daly, E., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic, A. (2010). Investigating pollutant variability for the development of a semi-stochastic water quality model of urban stormwater runoff, 6th International Conference on Sewer Processes & Networks. November 2010. Gold Coast, Australia.

Bach, P. M., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic, A. (2009). Debugging the myth behind the First Flush Phenomenon, 8th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling. September 2009, Tokyo, Japan.

Industry Reports:

McCarthy, D. T., Bach, P. M., Deletic, A. (2009). Conducting a bacterial budget a literature review. Report for Melbourne Water.

Books & Theses:

Bach, P. M. (2009). Applications of Infrared Thermography in Civil Engineering. Final Year Undergraduate Thesis. Monash University, Australia.

Bach, P. M. (2009). MATLAB, The Fundamentals 2nd Edition. self-published (ISBN: 978-983-43679-0-9).

Bach, P. M. (2007). MATLAB, The Fundamentals 1st Edition. self-published (ISBN: 078-083-43679-0-9).


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