Dr. Shibo Kuang

Dr. Shibo Kuang

Research Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering
Room 101, 33, Clayton Campus

Dr Kuang’s research interests centre around computational process engineering. A specific focus is on the development and application of numerical models at different time and length scales, with the support of physical experiments, for the fundamental and applied research on particle-fluid flow and granular dynamics. The involved models mainly include Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), discrete element model (DEM), population balance model, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), CFD-DEM, LBM-DEM, two-fluid model, kinetic theory, volume of fraction (VOF). The research topics cover particle transportation (e.g. in pneumatic/hydraulic conveying, microchannel, hydraulic fracture of shale gas [proppant placement], non-Newtonian fluid system), particle separation (e.g. by sand screen, hydrocyclone, gas cyclone, dense medium cyclone, in-line pressure jig, microchannel, nanofiltration device [water purification]), multi-phase reacting flows (e.g. in metallurgical reactors for production of iron, steel, aluminium).


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Northeatern University, China

Professional Association

Australian Particle Technology Society

Research Interests

Dr Shibo’s research interest include the following areas,

  • Process engineering
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Particle transportation
  • Particle separation
  • Multi-phase reacting flows
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Microfluidics
  • Non-Newtonian fluid flow
  • Flow instability

Research Projects

Current projects

BAJC project: Model studies of three-dimensional distributions within blast furnaces for reliable and efficient operations (KUANG-Lead CI)

This project aims to develop a multiscale computer model to fully describe the three-dimensional distribution characteristics of flow, heat and mass transfer within blast furnaces and their impacts on process performance, quantify the effects of key variables, formulate strategies for optimum process control under different conditions. This will be achieved by the use of the state-of-the-art continuum and discrete modelling and simulation techniques, supported by physical experiments and plant tests in Baosteel. The research outcomes, such as models and knowledge, should be useful for achieving reliable and optimal operation of blast furnace in Baosteel.

ARC LP: Particle-scale modelling of particle-fluid flows in gas and oil extraction (KUANG-CI)

This project aims to develop a particle scale model to describe the complex particle-fluid flow and erosion of pipeline transport in gas and oil extraction, quantify the effects of key variables, formulate strategies for optimum process control under different conditions. This will be achieved by means of a combined theoretical and experimental program, involving the use of the state-of-the-art discrete element modelling and simulation techniques. The research outcomes, such as theories, models and knowledge, should be useful for the process control of pipeline transport in the petroleum and energy-related industries which are of vital importance to Australia.

ARC Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology (KUANG-CI)

This research hub represents a significant research into particle science and technology. It aims to develop and apply advanced theories and mathematical models to design and optimize particulate and multiphase processes that are widely used in the minerals and metallurgical industries. This will be achieved through detailed analysis of the fundamentals governing the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer at different time and length scales, facilitated by various novel research techniques. Research outcomes, including theories, computer models and simulation techniques, as well as well-trained young researchers, will generate a significant impact across a range of industries of vital importance to Australia’s economic and technological future.

Research articles, papers & publications


See Shibo’s research contributions through Google Scholar.


Published 80+ papers including 1 co-edited special issue, 3 invited reviews and 65 journal papers collected in ISI Web of Science (51 in Q1 and 11 in Q2 JCR journals). The number of citations from these publications equals 1490 (H-index=22) according to Google Scholar as of 2020. Over the past five years, 46 journal papers have been published.


Peer-reviewed journal papers in 2018-2020

  1. Z. Qi, S.B. Kuang*, L.W. Rong, A.B. Yu, `Lattice Boltzmann investigation of the wake effect on the interaction between particle and power-law fluid flow`, POWDER TECHNOL, 326 (2018), 208-221. View Paper
  2.  R.B. Li, S.B. Kuang*, T.A. Zhang*, Y. Liu, A.B. Yu, `Numerical investigation of gas–liquid flow in a newly developed carbonation reactor`, IND ENG CHEM RES, 57 (2018), 380–391. View Paper
  3. S.B. Kuang*, Z.Y. Li, A.B. Yu*, `Review on modelling and simulation of blast furnace`, STEEL RES INT, 89 (2018), 1700071-1/25. (Invited review). View Paper
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  5.  H. Zhang, T.J. Li*, Z.Y. Huang, S.B. Kuang*, A.B. Yu, `Investigation on vertical plug formation of coarse particles in a non-mechanical feeder by CFD-DEM coupling method`, POWDER TECHNOL, 332 (2018), 79-89. View Paper
  6. W.H. Zhang*, C.S. Huang, Y.H. Wang, B.C. Shi, S.B. Kuang, Z.H. Chai, `The computation of strain rate tensor in multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model`, COMPUT MATH APPL, 75 (2018), 2888-2902. View Paper
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  9. S. Shrestha, S.B. Kuang, Z.Y Zhou*, `Particle scale modelling of bubble properties in central air jet gas-solid fluidized beds`, POWDER TECHNOL, 339(2018), 70-80. View Paper
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  11. Y.Q. Zhang, L. Zhang, L. Hou*, S.B. Kuang*, A.B. Yu, ` Modeling of the variations of permeate flux, concentration polarization, solute rejection in nanofiltration system`, AIChE J, 53(2019), 1076-1087. View Paper
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  18. M.M. Zhou, S. Wang, S.B. Kuang*, K. Luo*, J.R. Fan, A.B. Yu, ‘CFD-DEM modeling of hydraulic conveying of solid particles in a vertical pipe’, POWDER TECHNOL, 354 (2019), 893-905View Paper
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  28. Y. Zhao, G.G. Pereira, S.B. Kuang, Z.H. Chai, B.C. Shi*, `A generalized lattice Boltzmann model for solid-liquid phase change with variable density and thermophysical properties`, APPL MATH LETT, (2020). View paper.



Mr Yong Zhao (exchange from Huazhong University of Science and Technology) (Joint supervision with Dr Gerald Pereira)
LBM modelling of multiphase flows

Mr Jun Li (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu and Dr Zheng Qi)
Modelling of proppant transport in fracture

Miss Ming Wang (exchange from China University of Petroleum,Beijing)
Modelling of fluidization

Mr Fei Xiao (exchange from Southwest Petroleum University)
Modelling of gas pipeline erosion

Miss Jing Li (Joint supervision with Associate/Prof Ruiping Zou)
Modelling of blast furnace

Miss Noor Ilyana Ismaii (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
Modelling of screen plugging and erosion in the petroleum industry

Mr Lingling Liu (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu and Dr Baoyu Guo)
Modelling of blast furnace

Mr Enzhu Zheng (Joint supervision with Prof Murray Rudman and Dr Andrew Chryss )
DNS-DEM modelling of non-Newtonian fluid-particle flow

Miss Memeng Zhou (Joint supervision with Assoicate/Prof Ruiping Zou and Prof Kun Luo)
Modelling of particle-liquid flow

Mr Lulu Jiao (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
Development and application of blast furnace process model

Dr Yaqing Zhang (exchange from Zhejiang University)
CFD modelling of nanofiltration membrane

Dr Siddhartha Shrestha (Joint supervision with Dr Zongyan Zhou)
Particle scale modelling of bubble dynamics in bubbling fluidized beds of ellipsoids

Dr Zheng Qi (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
Lattice Boltzmann investigation on non-Newtonian fluid-particle systems

Dr Zhen Miao (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
Modeling and analysis of pneumatic conveying of pulverised coal in the blast furnace ironmaking process

Dr Ruibing Li (exchange from Northeastern University)
Modeling and analysis of the gas-liquid flow in a new-designed reactor in the aluminium production process

Dr Hui Zhu (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
CFD-DEM modeling and analysis of particle-fluid flows through micro channels

Dr Zhaoyang Li (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu)
Development and application of CFD process model to ironmaking blast furnace

Dr He Zhang (exchange from Tsinghua University)
Experimental and numerical study of pneumatic conveying

Dr Li Ji (Joint supervision with Prof Aibing Yu and Dr. Kaiwei Chu)
CFD modeling and analysis of coal separation in hydrocyclones

Dr Maryam Ghodrat (co-supervisor)
Computational modeling and analysis of the flow and performance in hydrocyclones

Dr Ke Li (co-supervisor)
CFD-DEM simulation of particle-fluid flows


Mr Zhaoyang Li (co-supervisor)
Numerical study of geometrical effects on blast furnace (BF) flow and performance

Mr Zheng Qi (co-supervisor)
CFD modeling and analysis of the multiphase flow and performance of dense medium cyclone: effects of geometry and operating conditions

Teaching Commitments

  • CHE4162 - Particle Technology

Guest lectures


  • Particle scale modeling and analysis of gas-solid flow in pneumatic conveying, The 8th International Conference for Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids(CHOPS), Tel Aviv, Israel, 3-7 May 2015.


  • Multiscale modelling and analysis of particle-fluid flow systems: Some examples, 18th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE) Congress, Sapporo, Japan, 23-27 September 2019.
  • CFD study of ironmaking blast furnace: Recent model development and application, The 13th CSIRO International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries, Melbourne, Australia, 4-8 December 2018.
  • Modelling and application of hydrocyclones, The 1st Japan-Australia Symposium on Advanced Modeling & Simulation for Industrial Powder System, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 14 December 2017.


  • 3D modelling of ironmaking blast toward industrial applications. The International Symposium on Minerals, Metallurgic and Materials Research and Development Advanced Technology, Nanchang, China, 4-5 January 2020.
  • Three-dimensional modelling of blast furnace with layered cohesive zone, The 7th Australia-China-Japan Joint Symposium on Iron and Steelmaking, Suzhou, China, 4-7 September 2018.
  • Numerical study of particle-fluid flow: From fundamentals towards industrial applications, The 2nd International Seminar on Resilience Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 13 December 2017.
  • Numerical investigation of the inner profiles of ironmaking blast furnaces, The 6thAustralia-China-Japan Joint Symposium on Iron and Steelmaking, Melbourne, Australia, 23-26 November 2016.
  • Lattice Boltzmann investigation of the negative wake behind spherical particles in power-law fluid flows, The 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods (DEM7), Dalian, China, 1-4 August 2016.
  • CFD modeling and analysis of shaft gas injection into oxygen blast furnaces, The First International Workshop on Computational Particle Technology and Multiphase Processes, Suzhou, China, 9-12 March 2016.
  • Discrete particle simulation of complex pneumatic conveying systems, The 7th Congress on Particle Technology, Beijing, China, 19-22 May 2014.

Community service

Conference Organization

  • Session chairman at international conferences: “The 7th Congress on Particle Technology, “Physical Separation’11”, “the 7th DEM7”, “The 2nd International Symposium on CPT”, “8th APCChE Congress”, “International Symposium on 3M R&D advanced Technology”
  • A member of the Organizing Committee for “the 1st International Symposium on Computational Particle Technology and Multiphase Processes” and “The 2nd International Symposium On Computational Particle Technology & The 13th CSIRO International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries”
  • A member of the Technical Committee for “The 1st International Conference on Mineral Engineering and Materials”.

Peer Review

  • Reviewed 11+ ARC DP proposals, 1 DECRA proposal, 1 Chile FONDECYT proposal
  • Guest editor of “Pump and Pumping Systems” for Advances in Mechanical Engineering
  • Assessor of 3 Australian PhD and Master’s theses
  • Reviewed 430+ manuscripts for 55+ international journals in my field  (Please visit Publons for details)
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