A/Professor Valentijn Pauwels

A/Professor Valentijn Pauwels

Head of Water Engineering, Associate Professor in Water Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Room 123, 23 College Walk (B60), Clayton Campus

Valentijn is an excellent scientist with a broad knowledge on land – atmosphere modeling, hydrological modeling, remote sensing and scientific computing including software development in a variety of programming languages.



  • Masters of Science (M.S.c), Agricultural Engineering, Ghent University
  • Masters of Arts ( M.A), Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University
  • Doctor of Philosopy (Ph.D),Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University

Professional Association:

American Geophysical Union (AGU).

European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Research Interests

  • Modeling of land-surface processes
  • Hydrologic model development
  • Data assimilation
  • Model parameter estimation
  • Hydraulic ground water theory
  • Measurement of hydrologic variables across different scales

Research Projects

Not started projects

Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data

Floods are among the most damaging of natural disasters in Australia, amounting to an average cost of $377 Million annually (Geoscience Australia). A crucial element in the minimization of the cost of floods is accurate and timely warnings. A reliable flood forecasting system is the basis of these warnings. In general, these systems suffer from the drawback of a lack of field data to implement the models, to calibrate the model parameters and to on-line constrain their results. On the other hand, significant progress is being made on the availability and quality advances of remotely sensed data. In this project, we will develop a strategy to optimally use remote sensing data to reduce the predictive uncertainty of flood forecasting systems.

Numerical simulation of damage mitigation strategies for flash floods

CSIRO_DA: Assimilating remote sensing (RS) data into next-generation hydrogeological models

Current projects

A novel and theoretically consistent method for correcting systematic errors in earth observation data and earth system model results

For a correct interpretation of satellite-based earth observation data and/or earth system model results, it is very important that these data are free of systematic errors, commonly referred to as bias. It is well known that both these data sources are prone to a significant bias, which is currently neglected in many environmental impact and prediction studies. This proposal will present a method to develop models for these biases. A state update technique, the Ensemble Kalman Filter, will be adapted to correctly take into account bias in the merging of the two data sources. The project outcomes will be of high importance for long-term environmental studies, since these strongly rely on physically-based models and remote sensing data.

Past projects

On-line Murrumbidgee Catchment Soil Moisture Content Data to Aid Local Farmers

Forecasting drought impacts months ahead using satellite data

Skillful seasonal water and crop forecasts could do much to help cope with drought and water-related food crises. Recent advances in hydrological modelling and satellite remote sensing of surface soil moisture, landscape water storage and vegetation biomass have created a great opportunity to produce such forecasts over large areas. This project will exploit that opportunity by assimilating the satellite observations into a global water and vegetation forecasting model. The resulting improvement in seasonal forecasts of steam flow, soil moisture and crop production will be quantified and compared to the limited forecasts that are currently available.

Social-Technical Food Resilience in Water Sensitive Cities - quantitative spatio-temporal flood risk modelling in an urban context


A comparison of the discrete cosine and wavelet transforms for hydrologic model input data reduction

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Estimating rainfall time series and model parameter distributions using model data reduction and inversion techniques

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The evolution of process-based hydrologic models: Historical challenges and the collective quest for physical realism

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Improved water balance component estimates through joint assimilation of GRACE water storage and SMOS soil moisture retrievals

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Advantages of analytically computing the ground heat flux in land surface models

Pauwels, V. R. N. & Daly, E. 24 Nov 2016 In : Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 20, 11, p. 4689-4706 18 p.

Assimilation of SMOS soil moisture and brightness temperature products into a land surface model

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Application of remote sensing data to constrain operational rainfall-driven flood forecasting: A review

Li, Y.Grimaldi, S.Walker, J. & Pauwels, V. R. N. 28 May 2016 In : Remote Sensing. 8, 6, p. 1 – 29 29 p.

Remote sensing-derived water extent and level to constrain hydraulic flood forecasting models: Opportunities and challenges

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Error covariance calculation for forecast bias estimation in hydrologic data assimilation

Pauwels, V. R. N. & De Lannoy, G. J. M. 1 Dec 2015 In : Advances in Water Resources. 86, p. 284 – 296 13 p.

Water balance of a lake with floodplain buffering: Lake Tana, Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

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A comparison of optical and microwave scintillometers with eddy covariance derived surface heat fluxes

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Copula-based downscaling of coarse-scale soil moisture observations with implicit bias correction

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On the significance of crop-type information for the simulation of catchment hydrology

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Optimization of a radiative transfer forward operator for simulating SMOS brightness temperatures over the Upper Mississippi Basin

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Teaching Commitments

  • CIV3204 - Engineering investigation.
  • CIV3248 - Groundwater and environmental geomechanics.
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