Master of Environmental Studies - How to enrol


How to Enrol

Congratulations on being offered a place in the Master of Environment and Sustainability at Monash. To formally accept your offer, you’ll need to complete your enrolment. Please select from the options below.

To enrol in the course once you have received your full offer, you will need to complete steps 1-5 of the online enrolment instructions.

Please ensure you make some tentative enrolments early but note that you can still amend your units up until Week 2 of each semester. You need to make some tentative enrolments to accept your offer but then you can consult one on one or come to our Course Mapping session in Orientation week (see your email) to gain further advice and make any changes.

You will then be required to attend the course information session where you will learn more about the course, meet with specialisation coordinators and receive help with course planning and unit selection.

Please note: Some units will not be available to enrol in via WES and these will require permission from the unit coordinator and manual enrolment at Science Student Services or via Ask Monash. You will be able to amend your unit enrolment after the course information session. This table will help you identify which units you need permission for and which units require manual enrolment. In your request, please state the unit code and clearly specify the semester and year.

Important dates:

Orientation week:17-21 July 2023
Semester two begins:Monday 24 July 2023


If you have previous studies relevant to your Environment and Sustainability specialisation, or have appropriate work experience in this area, you may be eligible for academic credit and commence at entry level 2 or 3.

If you wish to apply for credit for previous tertiary study you must read carefully the information provided on the credit webpage.

Accepting academic credit may reduce the duration of your course. Your course may be reduced from 2 years to either 1.5 years or 1 year.

To ensure that the maximum credit is provided, please indicate on your credit application, your area of specialisation chosen from the following options:

  • Corporate environmental and sustainability management
  • Environment and governance
  • Environmental security
  • International development and environment
  • Leadership for sustainable development

You must clearly state in your application whether you are applying for 24 points of Part B credit based upon your undergraduate studies (entry level 2) or credit for Part D (entry level 3). You are welcome to upload your CV alongside your academic transcript. Note: Accepting credit for Part D may affect your capacity to undertake an internship, interdisciplinary project, or thesis.

Here are some things you need to do:

  • Identify the units you want to study for both semesters unless you expect to complete your course earlier.
  • Make sure you meet the requirements of your course by enrolling in the right core units and suitable electives – see us for course advice if you’re unsure.
  • Check for prerequisites, corequisites and prohibited units.
  • Some units require permission from the unit coordinator. Once you receive this permission send this along with your request to be enrolled in the unit to
  • The permission step provides an opportunity for you to gauge whether the unit is suitable for your course progression and career development.
  • This table will help you identify which units you need permission and require manual enrolment.
  • If you gain a permission, please request enrolment in the unit via Ask.Monash. In your request, please state the unit code and specify the semester and year, and attach the permission to the request.
  • Some Part D units have prerequisites and require you to go through an application processes. (see the Moodle Home). Permission to undertake these units is considered once results are released for the current semester. For the meantime, please enrol in interim units if you need to enrol in a full time study load. Once enrolled, please see the Course Moodle Home, for all the details on how to enrol.
  • For Part D units ENS5901 and ENS5902, ENS5910, and ENS5930, please go to the Course Moodle home (see 'How to Apply for Part D') for application details in the semester ahead of when you would like to undertake the unit. The aforementioned units should be taken in the final year of your degree.
  • If applying for an internship, you must read the application steps and due dates for both Option A Faculty Matched and Option B Student Sourced.
  • International students holding a student visa must enrol in 24 credit points per semester. If awaiting approval to enrol in ENS5900, ENS5901, ENS5902, ENS5910 or ENS5930 please enrol in ENS5920 in the meantime and change your enrolment once you receive permission.
  • Refer to the course and unit handbook. If you enrol in a unit then change your mind, don’t worry, you’ll be able to add or discontinue units later.

What happens if I don’t re-enrol on time?

You must re-enrol or apply for intermission by the close of re-enrolment period to avoid a $325 late re-enrolment fee.
See late or failure to re-enrol and re-enrolment dates and timeline for more information.

Update your contact details

If your contact details have changed, please login to WES and update them. This will help us if we need to call you or send something to your postal address. Refer to WES help for assistance in using WES.

More information

If you’re not sure what to do, contact us for course advice.

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Environment and Sustainability - Enrolment Information session

Master of Environment and Sustainability Enrolment Information session