Department of Civil Engineering Annual Dinner and Awards 2018

One of our favourite times of the year is the Department of Civil Engineering’s Annual Dinner when we honour current staff and students and also invite back graduates from 10 and 25 years past. The night was a wonderful celebration also bringing together industry partners who have supported the Department over the past year.

Some award highlights include Dr Edoardo Daly winning both the award for Excellence in Research and Excellence in Teaching. Edo is a Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering and his research focuses on ecohydrology--how ecosystems simultaneously drive and are affected by the water cycle. His research portfolio is strong across publishing, research training, securing funds and peer recognition. Edo is recognised for his excellence in teaching for his passion and adaptability, restructuring his classes this year to incorporate additional video lectures to support student learning. Dr Tharaka Rathnaweera won the award for ‘best tutor’ for the deep respect he has for his students and for his ability to communicate his incredible knowledge of geotechnical engineering in ways that are meaningful to his students.

We jam a lot into the night including networking, some great food, and of course we award the Alumnus of the Year. This year the award was won by Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya who now works at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as the General Manager, Public Safety. Dr Jayasuriya has moved ahead in his career to be one of Australia’s most influential experts on forecasting natural hazards and advises the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) on Climate, Water and Food Security. We are very proud to have Dr Jayasuriya as Monash Alumnus of the Year and he gave a spirited address the dinner attendees and graciously accepted his award.

A full display staff and student award winners is listed below. Congratulations everyone.

Alumnus of the Year Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya and his wife Nira
Alumnus of the Year Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya and his wife Nira
Winner of the AECOM Civil & Environmental Engineering Practice Prize
Winner of the AECOM Civil & Environmental Engineering Practice Prize

Winner Award for Research and Teaching Excellence - Dr Edoardo Daly
Winner of Best Tutor award, Dr Tharaka Rathnaweera
Winner of Best Tutor award, Dr Tharaka Rathnaweera

Photos are taken by Derek Chan of Black Avenue Productions. Facebook and Instagram

Staff and Alumni awards

Award NameRecipient
2018 Alumnus of the Year Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya
2018 Award for Best PhD Thesis Ashani Savinda Ranathunga
2018 Award for Best MEngSc (Research) Bertrand Binene Teodosio
2018 Best Tutor Award Tharaka Rathnaweera
2018 OHS Award Wanniarachchillage Ayal Wanniarachchi
2018 Professional Staff Member Award Noi Souvandy
2018 Team Player Award Kristie Hunter
2018 Award for Excellence in Research Dr Edoardo Daly
2018 Award for Excellence in Teaching Dr Edoardo Daly
2018 Eric Laurenson Award (PhD) Dr Ashley Wright
2018 SSSI Award (PhD) Alex Holmes
2018 Walker Family Prize for Best Graduate in the Master of Advanced Civil Engineering Mr Shulun Liu

Student Awards

Department award

Top level 1 student entering Civil Engineering Ben Cressall
Top level 1 double degree student entering Civil Engineering Michael Natalizio


Golder Associates Scholarship 2018 Lachlan Lane
Level 2 Traffix Group Scholarship Luke Hall
Level 3 Traffix Group Scholarship Andrew Fitzgerald

Level 2 Prizes

Railand Prize for water engineering at level 2
Best overall performance in the level 2 water engineering unit CIV2263
Robert Rae
SRIA Prize for Concrete Structures
Best overall performance in the level 2 Structures unit CIV2226
Jervis Lai & Aonan Xue
Coffey geotechnics Prize for Geoengineering at level 2
Best overall performance in the level 2 Geomechanics unit CIV2242
Brayden Morrow

Level 3 Prizes

Australian Steel Institute Prize
Best overall performance in Steel Structures unit CIV3221
Sarah Chancellor-Goddard
Railand Prize for Water Engineering
Best overall performance in the level 3 Water Engineering unit CIV3264
Douglas Partners Prize for Geomechanics
Best overall performance in level 3 geomechanics units CIV3247 & CIV3248
Xinjun Liu
GHD highway design Prize
To the group who submitted the best highway design project in CIV3283
Lachlan Hawthorn, John Baker, Georgina McMenamin & James Sissins
Institute of Civil Engineers Fred Green Award
Highest performing student in their penultimate year
Xinjun Liu

Level 4 Prizes

GHD Civil Engineering Award
Top ranking graduate in Civil Engineering 2017
Dulan Dantanarayana
GHD Prize in Water Engineering
Greatest proficiency in both level 4 Water Engineering units CIV4261 & CIV4268
Jeremy Erlich
Foundation industry Prize for Soil Engineering
Best foundation design in Soil Engineering CIV4249
Cal Taylor
Traffix Group Prize at Level 4
Best overall performance in all transport units from levels 2-4
Joshua Richardson
AECOM Civil & Environmental Engineering Practice Prize
Highest scoring group in CIV4212
Julian Lynch, Anna Loughnan, Jason Durand & Phillipa Solly
Sustainable Transport Prize in CIV4212
Best Transport Component in CIV4212
Aaron Wu, Qiqin Yu, Priya Argawal, Gunyie Li & Erdem Sen
Civil Contractors Federation Ian Jacka award
Top student in Civil Engineering Construction CIV3203
John Baker
The Geofabrics Pty Ltd award
Best Geosynthetics final year group project in CIV4248
John Baker, Aaron Wu, Joel Docker & James Sissins
Golder Associates Prize
Best overall performance in Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Engineering
Joshua Williams
SMEC Prize
Best Geotechnical Final Year Project 2017
David Beaumont

Resources awards

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Award for Women in Resources Engineering Keely Simpson-Bull
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Award for Best International Resources Student Amanda Huang
Resources Advisory Board Encouragement Award in Mining Tram Nguyen
Mining One Award for best numerical modelling project Jay Rezai
Resources Advisory Board Award
Overall best student in MNE1010
Jack Edgerton
Fl Smidth Award
Progress achievement in MNE2030
Adam Sederkenny
UPC Renewables Australia Transmission Award
Best female student in MNE1010
Shinian Qian