Georgia Jaffray

Georgia Jaffray

Georgia Jaffray: Accomplished achiever – here and abroad

Monash University student Georgia Jaffray recently graduated with a double degree consisting of a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), her latest achievement since moving to Melbourne from Tasmania five and a half years ago to live, work and study.

While studying at the Monash Clayton campus, Georgia completed three internships, two in the field of engineering.

Georgia has been particularly active in the area of chemical engineering, launching a peer mentoring program in 2014, organising weekly industry seminars in 2015, publishing a careers guide, and being an active committee member for the Society of Monash University Chemical Engineers (SMUCE).

However, Georgia’s accomplishments aren’t limited to Australia – she spent a semester on exchange in Malaysia where she also worked for Monash Abroad. She plans to work abroad again in future, citing the classic phrase “travel broadens the mind”.

Further contributions to student life at Monash were Georgia’s participation in the Monash Minds Student Leadership Program, along with first year undergraduate students from a range of disciplines; and in the Monash Engineering Leadership Program (known as the LITE program when Georgia took part).

These extra-curricular programs and experiences have resulted in Georgia being well prepared for her career, and her current role as an Associate Consultant for global management consulting firm Bain & Company.

Her advice to those considering studying at Monash is clear: “There are a lot of opportunities at Monash – take as many as you can to make the most of your time at uni. In particular, try to get as much work experience as you can.”