Jacky Song

Jacky Song opted commerce/engineering at Monash

Jacky Song discovered his career path by keeping his options open

When the time came for uni, Jacky Song hadn’t a clue what he wanted to do. That’s why he opted for Commerce/Engineering at Monash. He figured this double degree would offer him all sorts of career opportunities, and he’d have the luxury of choosing one later! As it turns out, he chose to become a consultant at EY, where he now works on IT projects for clients in the insurance market across the Oceania region.

Throughout his years at Monash, Jacky made a point of reaching beyond his studies. He worked part-time as a lifeguard. Competed with the Monash Squash Club. And made the rounds of university-sponsored industry seminars and career events. One semester Jacky attended Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Just to get a different perspective on his studies. The more he branched out, the more options he discovered. I’m always astounded to hear where an Engineering degree can take you! he says.

Although Jacky enjoyed studying chemical engineering, his attraction to commercial markets ultimately prevailed. And he’s happy having landed at EY. I am constantly surrounded by exceptionally talented individuals he shares. And I enjoy meeting new people around the world.

What’s on the horizon? Jacky’s keen to see how the ‘connected car’ (a vehicle fitted with devices connecting to other internal and external devices) might be integrated into our city’s networks. Traditional car manufacturers like Ford and Toyota are slowly transforming into software giants explains Jacky. As our vehicles get smarter, we step that much closer to the reality of self-driving cars.

By staying open to possibilities, Jacky has stumbled upon a terrific career path. And he recommends that everyone else do the same: Be as well rounded as possible. Your degree does not define who you are professionally. In other words, explore. You might start in one place and end up in another. And it will all turn out for the best.