Dr. Bai-Qian Dai

Dr. Bai-Qian Dai

Senior Lecturer
Department of Chemical Engineering
Building 8, SIP Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Dr Dai Completed a Bachelor of Engineering degree at Wuhan University of Technology (China) in 2006 and a Master of engineering degree at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China) in 2009. His PhD research project focussed on co-gasification for the purpose of improving the efficient use of low-rank fuels. His postdoctoral research project examines fly ash vitrification. His research interests include clean coal technology, ash slagging, energy evaluation for process design and fly ash utilisation. He has more than 10 publications in high quality journals in the solid fuel area.


Clean coal technology, Ash slagging. Fly ash vitrification, Pyrolysis and gasification.

Research Projects

Past projects

Coal blending combustion and gasification - the mixing of beneficiated brown coal and high-rank bituminous coal

Accelerating the deployment of Oxy-Fuel combustion technology for Victorian Brown Coal

Research articles, papers & publications

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