Dr. Bill Corcoran

Dr. Bill Corcoran

Senior Lecturer
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Room 216, 16 Alliance Lane, Clayton Campus


  • BSci/BEng, Physics, Electronic Eng, RMIT University


  • CISRA Postgraduate Prize
    Awarded date: 2009
    Granting Organisations: The University of Sydney
  • Dean’s Prize for Outreach
    Awarded date: 2008
    Granting Organisations: The University of Sydney
  • Postgraduate Research Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement
    Awarded date: 2009
    Granting Organisations: The University of Sydney
  • Wanda Henry Prize (Best Student Paper)
    Awarded date: 2010
    Granting Organisations: Australian Optical Society

Research Projects

Current projects

Distributed Ultra-Fast Optical Clocks for Tbit/s Communications

The project aims to enable experiments with full spectrum occupation for transmission over field-deployed optical fibre. Future optical communication systems will have to use the full available spectral bandwidth and advanced multiplexing and modulation to achieve ultimate data capacity over a fibre link. To realistically test such links, experiments must be performed over “real-world” fibre links. By linking three telecoms research laboratories, the project will create a close collaboration optical network that enables this research. Anticipated outcomes are the opportunity to conduct research over field-deployed fibre links and to prototype and test communication technology over real-world links, creating a simplified path to commercialisation.

Research articles, papers & publications

See Bill’s research contributions through published book chapters, articles, journal papers and in the media.

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