Nicole Tryndoch

Embrace the challenge

Nicole Tryndoch | Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

In her third year, Nicole decided to extend herself by joining a student team - Monash High Powered Rocketry (HPR), and it completely changed her university experience. Nicole talks about how being part of the HPR team enhanced her studies and social life.

After visiting her mum’s workplace, the Department of Defence Science and Technology (DST), Nicole Tryndoch was inspired to study Mechanical Engineering. While her degree has been challenging, she is confident that studying engineering was the best decision she ever made. “The content is always interesting, never boring and keeps your mind stimulated.”

Then nine years old, Nicole was enchanted by the DST base in Port Melbourne; setting her mind on eventually working there. “I attended a ‘bring your kid to work day’ in primary school. We got to wander through the places where they kept all the machinery they were working on.”

With this in mind, she applied to study at Monash University with the intention of maximising her employability. “I knew I wanted to complete my education at a leading university,” she says. “Monash not only produced highly sought after engineers, but also allowed for me to undertake a double degree as an undergraduate, broadening my skills and knowledge.”

After a general first year, the choice to specialise in Mechanical Engineering was obvious. “As I like to say: I like maths, I like science, I like building things.” Nicole describes her course as the study of “anything that moves” and she enjoys that it gives her an opportunity to be hands-on. “Projects are the best part of the degree, offering a balance of building, coding and theory”.

Monash HPR

In her third year, Nicole decided to extend herself by joining a student team - Monash High Powered Rocketry (HPR). “It completely changed my university experience,” she proclaims. HPR is a team dedicated to designing, analysing and constructing rockets which can climb thousands of metres in the air. “I get to apply the skills I’ve learnt in my units. It is amazing to take this theory off the paper and apply it to a real world scenario.”

The opportunity to work in this team not only complemented her studies, but enhanced her social experience at uni. “I have made a lot of new friends across different years and disciplines, participated in a hands-on machining course and had the opportunity to attend many interesting engineering events at Monash.”

Landing her dream job won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding and Nicole is determined to succeed.

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