Priya Agarwal

A perfect blend of passion and pragmatism

Priya Agarwall |  Environmental Engineering

Fresh out of Monash, Priya Agarwal now finds herself at Ernst & Young (EY), one of the world’s largest professional services firms. As part of the Internal Audit team, she works in the risk area of the EY advisory (consulting) group, where she helps clients manage their risks and protect their business value.

How did she get there?

First and foremost, Priya chose to study Environmental Engineering and Commerce. She figured this would give her the best of both worlds, enabling her to view crucial issues from environmental, technical and commercial perspectives. She also knew the double degree would offer her a range of career opportunities.

“I was attracted to Environmental Engineering in particular because sustainability is one of the key issues facing the world,” explains Priya. “I think we all have a responsibility to try and make a difference in areas we’re passionate about.” And she has walked the talk, taking uni life well beyond her studies.

Through the Monash Engineering Leadership Program, Priya honed her leadership skills. As Secretary then President, she helped propel the agenda of the Monash Environmental Engineering Society. Priya also shared with prospective students and their parents the benefits of her Monash experience, as a Faculty of Engineering Student Ambassador. "These represent a few of the opportunities that have helped me develop as an engineer, person and leader,” she says.

On top of all this, Priya found time to study abroad at Harvard University, where she explored the economic valuation of ecosystem services. This experience taught her to balance travel, work and study.

Priya Agrawal final year speech

Where does Priya see herself ten years from now?

Priya wants to continue guiding clients towards more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable outcomes. “If I help them become more agile, they can more readily adapt to changing environments,” she shares. “And they can harness technological and other types of change to grow in a sustainable manner.”

In pursuing her career, Priya has remained open to opportunities and prepared to take action. She encourages all students to do the same, suggesting that “this may be as simple as working part-time or getting involved in a university committee.” She then adds, “If you want to change the world, stay passionate and true to your purpose.”

Heeding her own solid advice, Priya no doubt will go from strength to strength.