Simone Pianko

BorrowCup, the sustainable social venture having a big impact

Simone Pianko | Environmental Engineering

Simone Pianko — budding entrepreneur and Monash Engineering student — is challenging norms. Simone is the founder of the Monash start-up, BorrowCup, a social impact venture aiming to reduce waste at Monash and make the campus more sustainable.

BorrowCup offers an alternative to disposable coffee cups on campus, enabling - people to borrow a reusable cup rather than wasting a disposable. 1400 BorrowCups are used each week on the Clayton campus and the system has a 95% return rate. To make the system as sustainable as possible, the team is on a mission to reach a 100% return rate. Simone would like to inspire other students with this project, encourage them to use the university as a living laboratory, and to test their ideas to make the campus and our communities more sustainable.

Watch the video to find out how Simone is changing the way we address sustainability on campus — learn about her BorrowCup journey, from ideation to launch.

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