Honours weighted average

In Engineering we award our bachelor degrees with honours for meritorious performance. An additional honours year is not required.

How we calculate your honours weighted average (HWA)

The calculation is based on your marks in units contributing to the engineering degree. It's distinct from the University's Weighted Average Mark (WAM) and the Grade Point Average (GPA).

If you started with us from 2014 at Clayton or from 2015 at Malaysia you'll also have (Honours) in your course title. The HWA calculation is independent of the (Honours) course title. It's possible to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and graduate with a Pass grade (ie without meritorious honours).

The HWA formula includes a weighting for each unit. A level one unit is weighted by a factor of one, a level two unit is weighted by a factor of two etc. The unit level is determined by the first number of the unit code (eg ENG3000 would be weighted by a factor of three, irrespective of whether you completed it at second, third or fourth year etc).

A mark you achieve after repeating a unit is reduced by 10% before being weighted.

SFR grades (including those awarded under the Academic Safety Net) do not contribute towards the HWA.