Honours weighted average

The  Faculty of Engineering awards its degrees with honours for meritorious  performance in all undergraduate four, five and six year single and double degrees. An additional honours year is not required. The three year Bachelor of Technology (Infrastructure - Design, Construction and Management) is not awarded with honours.

Calculating the honours weighted average

The honours weighted average calculation is based on academic achievement in units contributing to the award of an engineering degree. It is distinct from the University Weighted Average Mark (WAM) and the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students commencing from 2014 at Clayton campus and 2015 at Malaysia campus will be entering courses with (Honours) in their title. The calculation is also independent of the (Honours) course title. It is therefore possible to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and graduate with a Pass grade (ie without meritorious honours).

The honours weighted average formula includes a weighting for each  unit. A level one unit is weighted by a factor of one, a level two unit is weighted by a factor of two, a level three unit is weighted by a factor of  three and a level four unit is weighted by a factor of four. The level of a unit is determined by the first number of the numerical component of the unit code eg ENG3000 would be weighted by a factor of three, irrespective of whether it was studied at second year, third year, fourth year etc.

Any result obtained after repeating a unit is normally reduced by 10% before being weighted.