Students who commenced in their current course before 2014

Calculating the honours weighted average

The faculty awards honours only for the engineering component of a double degree. Any queries relating to honours for the non-engineering component of a double degree (if applicable) should be directed to the relevant partner faculty.

Engineering honours grades

Honours grade nameHonours gradeHonours weighted average
First class honoursHI≥ 75.00%
Second class honours (Division A)HIIA≥ 70.00%
Second class honours (Division B)HIIB≥ 65.00%

Students achieving an honours weighted average mark less than 65.00 are awarded a Pass (P) grade degree.

Publication of honours

A list of students graduating 'with honours' is published in the graduation booklet and the receipt of a degree 'with honours' is also published on the student's testamur. A student's individual honours grade (not the mark) is printed on the academic transcript.