Students who commenced in their current course before 2014

Calculating the honours weighted average

The faculty awards honours only for the engineering component of a double degree. Any queries relating to honours for the non-engineering component of a double degree (if applicable) should be directed to the relevant partner faculty.

Single degreeDouble degrees with
Bachelor of Aerospace EngineeringArts, Commerce, Law and Science
Bachelor of Civil and Environmental EngineeringBusiness and Commerce
Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering 
Bachelor of EngineeringArts, Architectural Design, Biomedical, Commerce, Industrial Design, Law, Pharmaceutical Science and Science
Bachelor Environmental EngineeringArts, Commerce and Science
Bachelor of Mechatronics EngineeringArts, Commerce and Science

Engineering honours grades

Honours grade nameHonours gradeHonours weighted average
First class honoursHI≥ 75.00%
Second class honours (Division A)HIIA≥ 70.00%
Second class honours (Division B)HIIB≥ 65.00%

Students achieving an honours weighted average mark less than 65.00 are awarded a Pass (P) grade degree.

Publication of honours

A list of students graduating 'with honours' is published in the graduation booklet and the receipt of a degree 'with honours' is also published on the student's testamur. A student's individual honours grade (not the mark) is printed on the academic transcript.