Exchange Students (Outgoing)

If you have received faculty approval to undertake an exchange at a partner institution next year you are required to re-enrol at Monash. To activate your exchange enrolment for next year, you will need to be enrolled in engineering exchange units with a prefix of ‘EEH’. As these units are barred from WES you will need to enrol manually for the semester(s) you will be on exchange. If you are on exchange for only one semester, you should also re-enrol as usual (on WES) in the units for the semester you will be studying at Monash.

At re-enrolment, you will be enrolled in one EEH unit for each unit of study. The credit points for each EEH unit will correspond with the credit points for the Monash unit you are substituting. Enrolling in EEH units ensures that you are charged at your normal tuition rate and that your fees are payable to Monash (full-fees) or the Australian government (CSP), not to your host institution. It also ensures that your enrolment remains active during your exchange and allows you to access online facilities and your email account.