Monash Engineering Leadership Program

The Monash Engineering Leadership Program is a three-year program that prepares students to be leaders in their chosen engineering fields.

Program overview

This internationally recognised program is delivered by industry experts and focuses on all aspects of leadership. Student intake occurs once a year through an open call for applications mid-year. Selection through this process is interview based. The program is designed to challenge, develop and engage students to help them become confident and articulate and ready to work in the industry.

How the program is structured

The journey commences with a three-day induction which provides the foundations of the program. A further 12 modules then focus on building participants’ knowledge and experience. These modules are typically made up of two or three separate sessions, with the first generally focusing on providing new  information, the second more interactive allowing students to put these new learnings into context, and the final session often includes a panel with representatives from industry reiterating the relevance of the learnings.

An insight into industry

The program also offers career planning and industry visits to give students insight into the engineering world and helps them connect with people within the industry. At the conclusion of the program, students, Monash VIPs, Heads of Departments, Engineering Foundation Board members and industry representatives  attend an annual graduation dinner to celebrate the student’s success and recognise industry partners and personal donors.

The program reflects the Faculty of Engineering’s commitment to excellence. As such, the participants of the program are expected to demonstrate commitment and leadership. Attendance at the Phase 1 three-day induction and all modules over the three years is compulsory.