Research focus

Research in Food Engineering focuses on the development of innovative processing technologies, product evaluation tools, and value-enhanced food and bio-products such as dietary fibres, bioactive peptides and antioxidant-enriched products. Our research activities include applying material science and mathematical modelling approaches in extrusion, spray drying, milk powder characterisation, studying challenges in processing such as fouling, cleaning of heat exchange surfaces and minimising nutrient losses.

Our research focuses on investigating controlled assembly and functional properties of bioactive particles for food and pharmaceuticals applications, including encapsulating bioactive ingredients in biodegradable polymers to ensure stable bioactivity (antioxidants, antimicrobial, etc) over the shelf life, and to assist in controlled release drug delivery as food supplements or for medicinal purposes.

Meet the researchers

A/Prof. Victoria Haritos
  • Enzymes discovery and development
  • Antioxidant extraction and formulation
Victoria Haritos
Dr. Lizhong He
  • Drug delivery
  • Peptide-based materials
Lizhong He
A/Prof. Andrew Hoadley
  • Dewatering and drying processes
  • Sustainability
  • Plant design
Andrew Hoadley

Dr. Sushil Dhital

  • Food Strucure
  • Starch and Dietary Fibres
  • Vegetable Proteins
  • Enzyme kinetics and in-vitro digestion models
Sushil Dhital
Dr. Leonie van ‘t Hag
  • Structure (microscopy and scattering techniques) - property relationships for sustainable processes
  • Protein - lipid interactions and protein structures
  • Formulations, including encapsulation of bioactives
Leonie van 't Hag