Bioresource Processing Research Institute of Australia (BioPRIA)

Our mission

To promote Australia's sustainable development through innovation in Bioproducts and Bioresource processing. BioPRIA provides value to its partners by developing new products and markets through research, and by increasing operation efficiency and product quality by training.


BioPRIA is committed to the conversion of Biomass into advanced materials, chemicals, energy and food using sustainable processes and novel technology.


BioPRIA is the BioProduct innovation centre from APPI. APPI was created in May 1989 from the memorandum of understanding signed between Monash University and the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Federation of Australia (PPMFA). APPI’s home was built in June 1991.


BioPRIA’s Research Activity is articulated around three platforms:


  1. Bioactive Enzymatic Paper
  2. Manufacturing paper based bioassays and Diagnostics
  3. Engineering Biosurfaces with inkjet printing

Performance Materials

  1. Conductive Graphene Paper
  2. Zeolite Paper for CO2 Adsorption
  3. Superhydrophobic Paper
  4. Paper as Sustainable Material
  5. Controlling the Interaction water-cellulose
  6. Novel Colloid and Polymer Concept for Papermaking under water recycling
  7. Lint free Newsprint
  8. Polymer-nanoparticle complex for Engineering Paper Strength
  9. Biopolymer Non-Wovens
  10. Engineering the fiber-fiber bond
  11. Functional Printing

Biorefinery and Sustainable Processes

  1. Biorefinery
  2. Lignite Packed bed for Wastewater colour removal
  3. Engineering Pitch Stability

Academic Staff

  • Prof. Gil Garnier, Director
  • Dr Warren Batchelor, Deputy Director
  • Prof. Wei Shen, Senior Lecturer

Research Staff

  • Scot Sharman
  • Heather McLiesh
  • Swambabu Varanasi
  • Vikram Raghuwanshi

Other staff


  • Lizi Li
  • Whui Lyn Then
  • Miaosi Li
  • Ziwei (Windy) Huang
  • Liyun Guan
  • Praveena Raj
  • Rong Cao
  • Natasha Yeow
  • Zhiyong He
  • Uthpala Garusinghe
  • Ruoyang Chen
  • Jinhuo Dai
  • Thilina Gunawardhana
  • Lionel Longe
  • Russel Menchavez

Associated Staff

Adjunct list of academics