Optimization, Information Processing, Control and Decision Systems

Focus areas

  • Optimization
  • Information Processing
  • Control and Decision Systems

Meet the researchers

Dr Behrooz Bahrani

My research aims to deliver real-time monitoring, control, and advanced protection techniques to enhance reliability and security of power networks with the presence of volatile renewable energy resources.

Weblink: https://www.monash.edu/pearl

Behrooz Bahrani
Dr Bill Corcoran

I investigate methods to future-proof fibre optic infrastructure, which forms the communications backbone of our increasingly connected society.

Bill Corcoran
Professor Tom Drummond

My research interests include Computer Vision, Real-Time, Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robust and Efficient Methods and High Performance Computing.

Weblink: http://twd20g.blogspot.com/

Tom Drummond
Dr. Faezeh Marzbanrad

I am passionate about health technology, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. My research focuses on advanced signal processing, machine learning and physiological modelling to develop affordable and reliable mobile-health solutions.

Faezeh Marzbanrad
Professor Malin Premaratne

I work in some of the most fundamental areas of electrical engineering including quantum-electrodynamics, charge-transport in nanostructures and photon interactions with waveguides and biological media. Applications of this work include photonics and biomedical engineering.

Malin Premaratne
Dr Reza Razzaghi

My research is focused on application and control of power electronic converters. The aim is to explore advanced topologies and control techniques to facilitate massive integration of renewable energy resources.

Weblink: https://www.monash.edu/pearl

Reza Razzaghi
Dr. James Saunderson My research develops (and explores the limitations of) rigorous computational tools based on convex algebraic geometry and optimization, for problems in information engineering (e.g., machine learning, quantum information).

James Saunderson
Professor Emanuele Viterbo

I develop advanced error control coding for data storage systems, wireless communication and networking. I design baseband algorithms for millimeter-wave communications. I develop Software Defined Radio testbeds of wireless communications systems

Dr Nikola Zlatanov

I develop communication schemes for next-generation wireless networks.

Weblink: https://ecse.monash.edu/staff/nikolaz

Nikola Zlatanov