Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Focus areas

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing: Augmented reality, Navigation, Automatic inspection, Detection, Control
  • Control and Trajectory Planning: Robot navigation, Self driving cars, Automated reverse parking, Security, Defence, Machine learning algorithms
  • Algorithms and Optimisation: Model predictive control, Parallelized supercomputer code, Network planning, Operations research, Modeling and simulation, Supercomputing for nanotechnology

Meet the researchers

Professor Tom Drummond

My research interests include Computer Vision, Real-Time, Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robust and Efficient Methods and High Performance Computing.


A/Professor Nemai Karmakar

Fundamental and applied research in microwave engineering, antenna technologies, RFID and wireless sensors in a multi-disciplinary collaborations with materials, nono-fabrication, chemical and biomedical engineering. Core research theme: Electromagnetics and Electronics.

A/Professor Lindsay Kleeman

Research on real time sensing, robotics and digital systems. Examples include sonar, odometry, LIDAR, neuromorphic cameras, FPGA acceleration, mobile robot mapping, and metastability.

Dr. Faezeh Marzbanrad

I am passionate about health technology, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. My research focuses on advanced signal processing, machine learning and physiological modelling to develop affordable and reliable mobile-health solutions.

Dr James Saunderson

My research develops (and explores the limitations of) rigorous computational tools based on convex algebraic geometry and optimization, for problems in information engineering (e.g., machine learning, quantum information).

Dr Yan Wong
Senior Lecturer

I use cutting edge neuroscience techniques to help develop the next generation of neural prostheses. These include vision prostheses, cochlear implants and brain machine interfaces.

A/Professor Mehmet Yuce

I and my students design electronics and integrated circuit technology (IC) circuits to design sensor devices for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and healthcare applications, including wearable and implantable systems.

Dr. Mehrtash Harandi
Senior Lecturer

I am a senior lecturer in the department of Electrical and Computer Systems Eng. (ECSE) at Monash University. I am also a contributing research scientist in the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) at Data61-CSIRO.