Smart Power Systems

Focus areas

  • Grid network monitoring and control: Network management, Fault tolerant networks, Balanced networks, Automatically load adjusted networks, Metering
  • Smart Grid: Efficient transmission and distribution of power, Improve security and protection, Better integration of renewable energy
  • Power Electronics: Voltage/Current converters, Motor control, Inverters, Electric vehicles, Smart grid

Meet the researchers

Dr Behrooz Bahrani

My research is focused on application and control of power electronic converters. The aim is to explore advanced topologies and control techniques to facilitate massive integration of renewable energy resources.


Behrooz Bahrani
A/Professor Nemai Karmakar

Fundamental and applied research in microwave engineering, antenna technologies, RFID and wireless sensors in a multi-disciplinary collaborations with materials, nono-fabrication, chemical and biomedical engineering. Core research theme: Electromagnetics and Electronics.

Nemai Karmakar
Dr Reza Razzaghi

My research aims to deliver real-time monitoring, control, and advanced protection techniques to enhance reliability and security of power networks with the presence of volatile renewable energy resources.


Reza Razzaghi