Welcome from the Head

Neil Cameron

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is an international, research-active Department with modern facilities and is home to a range of undergraduate and higher degrees. We are housed in the state of the art New Horizons building.

In 2015, we changed the name of the department, from “Materials Engineering”, to “Materials Science and Engineering”. This change, following 45 years as the department of materials engineering, is a true reflection of the evolution of the department and its impact.

Our interests span the whole materials field - with expertise in metals and alloys, biomaterials and tissue engineering, nanomaterials, graphene, polymers, ceramics, composites, corrosion, advanced materials characterisation and materials modeling.

Materials Science and Engineering is placed at the cutting edge where understanding of, and control over material behavior is the key to advances in many fields such as

  • Biomedical engineering and biotechnology
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Nanotechnology
  • Structural and functional materials
  • Manufacturing, including additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Ours is one of the few undergraduate courses in Australia covering a broad range of materials issues - important given the multi-disciplinary nature of most jobs in science and engineering.

Our undergraduates are highly sought after and find jobs in a wide range of industries, often early in their final year. They are able to broaden their future options with combined degrees with other disciplines in science, the humanities or law. The Biomedical Science and Materials Engineering degree is particularly popular as the department is well aligned with biomedical engineering and biomaterials.

Our Department is a participant in a large number of Research Centres, with linkages to industry and research groups throughout Australia and beyond.

Research scholarships are regularly available for further study as are undergraduate scholarships.

So whether its to join us as an undergraduate or external student, to come and do research with us, to collaborate with us from another institution or company, or just to ask us a question about materials - please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.


Best wishes

Neil Cameron
Professor and Head of Department